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Medical Training Opportunities

The faculty and staff at Student Health and Wellness are committed to providing education to individuals pursuing a career in health care. Medical Services offers training experiences for nursing students as well as nurse practitioner students and residents in the primary care fields of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics. 

  • Medical residents should feel free to contact Beth Robinson with any additional questions.
    • For more information on the internal medical resident training, view this PDF.
    • For more information on the pediatrics medical resident training, view this PDF.
  • Nurse practitioner students can contact Katie Hood or Dawn Bourne.
    • For more information on the Family Nurse Practitioner Student training, view this PDF.

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Training Elective

“I really enjoyed my time at Student Health. I loved the opportunity to work with several different nurse practitioners. I also really enjoyed the collaborative environment between all providers.  I thought it was helpful to attend the weekly Tuesday morning educational sessions.”

Resident Training Elective

I thought this rotation was a great experience. I was exposed to a different patient population than what I am used to seeing. It was refreshing and also educational to learn and experience another aspect of outpatient medicine, and I felt like I had autonomy to try to make treatment decisions which will help me in the future.“

The Student Health rotation provided excellent exposure and teaching about primary care in the young adult setting. The autonomy was excellent. The teaching was beneficial and prompt.”