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Apply for SDAC Services

SDAC facilitates the provision of approved accommodations for students with a disability who meet the academic and/or technical standards requisite for admission and continued participation in a University program or activity. Please note: Students who are employed by the University and seeking workplace accommodations should do so through the Procedures for Employees with Disabilities to Request Workplace Accommodations. Interested in meeting with SDAC to discuss any educational barriers and potential accommodations? The process for requesting SDAC accommodations includes the following:


Step 1: Complete the Student Application

First, students should submit the Student Application online by signing onto the SDAC portal with their UVA computing ID.

Step 2: Submit Relevant Documentation

SDAC will review all formats of documentation submitted. While SDAC often needs third-party documentation to determine eligibility for services, students should not delay meeting with SDAC out of concern for not having the right paperwork. 

Note: Students should review SDAC’s Documentation Guidelines webpage and will find related, necessary forms on our Forms webpage.

Step 3: Await Initial Application Review

The student’s application will be assigned to an SDAC Advisor who will review the application and any associated documentation. The Advisor will contact the student regarding the next steps in the process. This review can take longer during peak periods such as the beginning and end of a semester. Please indicate during your application if you have recently experienced a medical emergency.

Step 4: Attend an Appointment
  • Email [email protected] or the assigned SDAC Advisor. 
  • Use the assigned SDAC Advisor’s scheduling link to book an appointment,
  • Call (434) 243-5180, OR
  • Visit the SDAC office to schedule an appointment.

Appointments last approximately 30 - 60 minutes and can be conducted in-person at SDAC in the Student Health and Wellness Building or via Zoom during regular business hours. 

Step 5: Discuss Accommodations 

During the initial meeting, an SDAC Advisor will discuss with students the barriers they are experiencing, reasonable supports and accommodations to address the barriers, and next steps. SDAC’s goal is to keep the meeting relaxed and comfortable.

Step 6: Request Accommodations

For returning students: At the beginning of every semester or when adding courses, students receiving academic accommodations through SDAC need to sign into their SDAC Portal to select applicable accommodations and to send out Faculty Notification Letters via email. Instructors will only be notified of the accommodations requested for their own course.


For new applicants: If you are receiving accommodations after the beginning of the semester, students will need to sign into their SDAC Portal to select applicable accommodations and to send out Faculty Notification Letters via email.

Questions or Concerns at any point in the semester?
We know that questions, challenges and concerns may arise. The SDAC Advisor with whom you met with initially would be happy to answer any follow-up questions. Please do not wait too long to address a concern; we would rather know earlier than later.

Don’t remember who you met with? You can log into SDAC Online Services to obtain the Advisor's name and contact information. You can also email SDAC, call (434) 243-5180, or stop by our office.