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Outreach and Prevention

CAPS works to strengthen the mental health and wellness of the UVA community by offering innovative outreach and prevention programming, including classroom presentations, workshops, special events, and consultation services. We partner closely with students, faculty, and staff to help create an inclusive community in which all students can thrive and succeed. If you are interested in partnering with CAPS or have questions about how CAPS can help support your organization, department, or community, please email CAPS.

Common Outreach Topics

Some of our more frequently requested topics include:

  • Stress management
  • Suicide prevention
  • Grief and loss
  • Substance use
  • Trauma
  • Body image and eating concerns
  • How faculty can help distressed students or students they are concerned about
  • Multicultural considerations related to mental health
  • LGBTQ student concerns
  • International student concerns
  • Multicultural student concerns
  • Graduate and professional school student concerns

Mental Wellness Screening Day

Counseling & Psychological Services and the Peer Health Educators (PHEs) host Mental Wellness Screening Day once a semester to educate the UVA community about the signs and symptoms of mental health disorders, clarify for students whether they might benefit from mental health interventions, and to direct students in need to the appropriate services. To learn more about Mental Wellness Screening Day, or to get involve contact Trinley Palmo.

Requesting an Outreach

Please submit the CAPS Outreach request form at least two weeks in advance of the date you would like the presentation or program to occur. On the form, you will be prompted to include specific goals and objectives, anticipated number of participants, multicultural considerations, etc. We will do our best to tailor programs to meet the needs of your specific group.


CAPS is a member of the Association for University and College Counseling Center Outreach (AUCCCO).


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