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CAPS Services

Not sure which mental health care option is the right fit for you?

All students are welcome to contact CAPS at (434) 243-5150 for help connecting with mental health support and deciding which services are the right fit!

Counseling and Psychiatry

Individual Therapy

CAPS focuses on providing brief, individualized treatment plans. These have proven effective in addressing most student concerns and also allows our team to serve as many of our students as possible. The number of sessions vary based on clinical need, available resources, and individual, cultural, or socioeconomic factors impacting access to other treatment options. Decisions about treatment plans and length of care are made collaboratively with students in consultation with CAPS therapists and our administrative team. If you are interested in individual therapy at CAPS, please review our Getting Started page.

Group Therapy

CAPS offers a range of group therapy options, including skills groups designed to address specific topics, support groups aimed at providing community support, and interpersonal process groups for students working on a range of psychological and relationship concerns.

  • group screening is required to join most groups at CAPS. The group screening is an opportunity for you to ask more questions about the group in which you are interested. It also provides the group leader(s) with a chance to get to know you and explore how a group may or may not be a good fit for your needs. Group screenings may vary dependent on group type — visit our CAPS Groups page to learn more about each group and who to contact for a screening.
  • There is no limit on the number of group sessions a student can attend, provided that group treatment continues to meet the clinical needs of the student as determined by CAPS therapists. For questions about group therapy at CAPS, please contact the CAPS Group Coordinator.
Psychiatric Services

Students participating in individual or group psychotherapy at CAPS may also be referred for psychiatric services at CAPS. Psychiatric care is provided in a collaborative treatment model, which means that care is closely coordinated with CAPS-affiliated providers. A psychiatric evaluation includes a full assessment of current symptoms, concerns, and functioning, as well as past medical and psychological history, personal history, and any relevant treatment history.

If a student is prescribed medication, the psychiatric provider will meet with them on an ongoing basis for follow-up care. The student is responsible for making and keeping regular appointments. Once psychotherapy at CAPS concludes, CAPS staff will assist students in connecting with psychiatric providers in the community. Students who choose not to engage in psychotherapy at CAPS will be connected with psychiatric resources in the community.

If you have questions about ADHD medications and refills, please review the CAPS FAQS page.

We can help with:

  • Personal Concerns: Stress, depression, mood swings, anxiety, anger, loneliness, guilt, self-esteem, bereavement
  • Relationship Concerns: Romantic relationship difficulties, roommate issues, interpersonal conflict, family problems
  • Developmental Concerns: Identity (e.g., personal, cultural, sexual orientation, sexual/gender identity, adjustment to college life, life transitions)
  • Substance Use Concerns: Alcohol or other drug use
  • Trauma: Unwanted sexual encounters, abuse and other traumatic incidents
  • Academic Concerns: Performance anxiety, perfectionism, academic difficulties
  • Other Concerns: Concerns from childhood or adolescence, changes in thinking or perception, body image, disordered eating, lifestyle choices, personal values and/or spiritual concerns, career direction, etc.

Embedded Services

Embedded CAPS staff members have unique knowledge of each School's culture, workload, and curriculum, as well as related challenges and common student concerns. To schedule an appointment with an embedded CAPS staff member, call (434) 243-5150 and mention your School affiliation.