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UVA Student Health and Wellness helps students reach their full potential by optimizing their health and well-being during their time at the University of Virginia and beyond.   

There are many dimensions that impact well-being: emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental, and financial. All the dimensions of well-being are interconnected and important to a well-rounded and balanced student lifestyle.  

Below, find a list of resources sorted by the dimensions of well-being.

Emotional: Effectively managing life’s bumps and creating satisfying relationships. 

Environmental: Engaging with pleasant, stimulating environments that support well-being. 

  • Observatory Hill: UVA-maintained trail and biking system, accessible via McCormick Rd. 

  • Shenandoah National Park: Hike, picnic, and enjoy beautiful SNP, less than a 30-min drive from Cville. 

  • Student Health and Wellness Building: The new Student Health and Wellness building has various spaces designed for student well-being, including a living room, wellness suite, student lounge, and reflection and meditation rooms.  

  • The Pavilion Gardens: Contemplative gardens off the Lawn at UVA, accessible to all. 

Financial: Maintaining financial security to effectively manage life needs. 

  • Care and Support Services: Care and Support Services (CASS) has resources for both emergency financial resources and scholarships and funding, and the CASS team is happy to connect and consult with UVA students. 

  • Student Financial Services: SFS offers a variety of financial wellness programming, including peer financial counseling, webinars, financial aid resources, and more. 

  • UVA Community Food Pantry: Located in the Student Activities Center, first floor of Newcomb, and open to all students and staff. 

Intellectual: Recognizing purpose and passions to expand knowledge and skills. 

  • Contemplative Sciences Center: Resources, programming, and classes promoting human flourishing, contemplation, and practical engagement. 

  • Faculty Coffee Chats: Grab a coffee with one of your professors! 

  • Georges Student Center: Advising resources that connect students with opportunities across Grounds. 

  • UVA Career Center: Explore majors, engage with peer counseling, discuss career goals, and more. 

Physical: Maintaining good health and enough energy to thrive. 

  • UVARec: Active, competitive, and adventurous opportunities for UVA students. Sign up for an exercise class, take swimming lessons, participate in club sports, or visit the climbing center. 

  • Medical Services: Offering a wide range of clinical care and preventative services to UVA students. 

  • Nutrition Services: Grounded in a weight-neutral, health-forward approach, the Student Health and Wellness nutrition philosophy is centered on enjoyment, connection, social justice, and food as medicine. 

Social: Surrounding ourselves by people who encourage our development and growth. 

  • Brody Jewish Center: Focal point in a renaissance of Jewish life for students at UVA. 

  • Collegiate Recovery Program: A community for those exploring, supporting, or already in active recovery. 

  • Interfaith Student Center: Welcoming, comfortable, and safe space where students of diverse backgrounds and beliefs can practice their own faith and mindfulness + learn about those of others. 

  • Latinx Student Center: Provides an inclusive environment that supports the intersectional experiences, diverse cultures, and educational goals of Latinx students  

  • LGBTQ Center: Fosters development of LGBTQ+ students, faculty, staff, alumni, and allies through programs, outreach, events, community, and services. 

  • Multicultural Student Center: Student-centered, collaborative space that supports underrepresented and marginalized communities, while cultivating holistic empowerment of all students. 

  • Office of African-American Affairs: Explore their GradSTAR, peer advisor, and cultural center programs. 


Also visit the Well-being Guides, a joint effort between students and Student Health and Wellness staff. The guides contain compiled information and helpful resources on several topics related to student well-being. Within each topic learn helpful information and tips, on- and off-Grounds resources and quotes from students.