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HealthyHoos Patient Portal

HealthyHoos is a secure online patient portal, or website, that provides Student Health and Wellness patients convenient, 24-hour access to their personal health information. To access HealthyHoos, login using your Netbadge account information. New students will need to activate their email address AND their Netbadge ID to login to HealthyHoos. 

To upload proof of your COVID-19 vaccination and/or COVID-19 vaccine booster information (due 1/14/22): login to the HealthyHoos patient portal, click "Upload," and select "COVID-19 Vaccine Immunization Information." Note that uploads must include the name of the vaccine manufacturer and, when possible, should be in English. To verify that your upload was successful, click on the link titled “Documents already on file” (you may need to refresh the page to see your latest upload.)

HealthyHoos allows you to:

  • Make an appointment (telehealth care, COVID-19 care, immunization clinic)
  • Securely message with your provider
  • Submit any required forms prior to an appointment
  • Submit and review immunization records and forms (including pre-entrance health forms and COVID-19 vaccine exemption forms)
  • View billing statements

For questions about a specific appointment, immunization, statement, or medical information, please call (434) 924-5362 during business hours.

For technical problems, please contact Student Health Information Technology at (434) 924-8213 or email