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WahooWell: Our Approach

WahooWell facilitators approach conversations about well-being with a focus on strengths, positivity, and equity. We believe in the inherent value of every student and seek to honor all aspects of a student’s intersecting identities. We believe in helping students to reflect on, and acknowledge, their strengths and successes. We seek to create opportunities for students to gain a sense of agency and empowerment to make positive changes in any area of their well-being and to maintain successful well-being practices already in use. Regardless of where any individual is in their well-being journey, there is room to grow. We are partners in the growth process and are eager to support students in navigating that process.

Our work with students is framed and informed by a motivational interviewing approach and a cultural competency and inclusive excellence lens. This means that WahooWell facilitators enter conversations with students from a place of empathy, ready to actively listen and support each student in evaluating their own motivations, values, and strengths. Our goal is for each student to feel empowered to identify important personal goals and action steps toward their ideal vision for well-being. We seek to validate and affirm students in all of their intersecting identities and to recognize how students’ experiences with personal well-being topics are impacted by larger cultural contexts. We further affirm our commitment to anti-racism and diversity, equity, and inclusion.