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Student Health and Wellness Price List

What is Covered at SHW?

Student Health and Wellness (SHW) professional services are included with tuition as mandatory fees. This means there is no charge for the evaluation and management services provided by the clinician during your visit (e.g. physician, nurse practitioner, mental health clinician, or health educator.) However, there are charges for medications, lab tests, supplies for certain treatments, immunizations and injections, and copies of your medical record. In addition, there are charges associated with referrals that occur outside of SHW.

Student Responsibility

As a patient, it is your responsibility to know and understand your insurance plan benefits and to inform your provider if you have specific concerns related to your plan of care prior to the receipt of services in question. You are responsible for payment of any out-of-pocket costs associated with your plan of care. 


For services billed by SHW (see below), charges will be placed on your UVA SIS account unless you have the UVA Aetna Student Health Plan. If you have the school’s sponsored Aetna Student Health insurance plan, SHW will submit a claim directly on your behalf. SHW does not submit claim information to any other insurance companies or Medicaid. In fact, Medicaid claims can only be submitted by a Medicaid provider and SHW is not a Medicaid provider.

For services billed by UVA Health (including the satellite lab and pharmacy located in the SHW building), charges will be filed to most insurance companies. You will receive a bill from UVA Health for any portion of the cost not covered by your insurance. . 

Students may be referred for services outside of UVA Health (ex. private practice providers in the area). For questions about costs associated with such referrals, students should contact the provider directly and also consult their health insurance benefits.

Billed by the UVA Department of Student Health and Wellness

A “walk out statement” of your encounter at SHW may be obtained through your HealthyHoos Patient Portal (login using Netbadge). The walkout statement will show any charges billed by SHW.


Flu Shot  $20.00
Hepatitis A (Series of 2) each  $105.00
Hepatitis A&B - (Series of 3) each  $145.00
Hepatitis B (Series of 2) each  $155.00
Hepatitis B (Series of 3) each  $90.00
HPV Vaccine / Gardasil (Series of 3) each  $320.00
Injection Fee  $15.00
Japanes Encephalitis (Series of 2) each  $350.00
Measles/Mumps/Rubella  $120.00
Meningitis  $185.00
Meningitis B  $235.00
Polio  $65.00
Rabies (Series of 4-5) each  $395.00
TDaP $75.00
Typhoid  $145.00
Varicella (Series of 2) each  $200.00
Yellow Fever  $235.00

Injectable Medications

Ceftriaxone  $45/$20 
Diphenhydramine  $45/$10 
Epinephrine $185.00
Gentamicin  $25.00
Ketorlac  $25.00
Methylprednisolone  $25.00
Penicillan  $310.00


Flu Test $15.00
GC/Chlamydia  $42.00
Group A Strep Test $10.00
Hepatitis C Antibody  $20.00
HIV Antibody Screen  $30.00
Quantiferon Gold  $25.00
Syphilis IGG  $10.00
TB Testing/PPD  $15.00
Urine Chemistry  $10.00


Allergy Injections (1)  $15.00
Allergy Injections (2+)  $25.00
EKG  $45.00
Inhalation Therapy  $25.00
IV Fluids  $40.00
No Show Charge  $40.00
Summer Charge  $25.00
X-Ray (Per body part)  $40.00


Ankle Brace - Lace Up  $20.00
Ankle Stabilizer - Flex Fit  $40.00
Arm Sling, Canvas W/ Foam Strap $15.00
Crutches  $25.00
Dermabond  $75.00
Exercise Band  $10.00
Finger Buddy Splint  $10.00
Finger Splint  $10.00
Forearm Splint  $20.00
Knee Support  $25.00
Leg Walker/Boot  $45.00
Peak Flow Meter $35.00
Post-op Shoe  $20.00
Sitz Bath  $10.00
Suture Tray  $10.00
Tennis Elbow Brace/Strap $10.00
Thumb Universal Brace $15.00
Wrist Brace  $20.00
Wrist/Thumb Brace  $20.00
Urine Strainer  $10.00

Items Billed by UVA Health

For more information visit UVA Health's billing page. You can also use this tool to find price estimates for different items and services.


This page was last updated on 5/28/2024