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CAPS: Training Opportunities

CAPS provides training opportunities for mental health pre-professionals, consisting of the following:

Our psychologist training progressively builds on the knowledge and skills that trainees acquire during doctoral training and prepares them for entry level positions as health service psychologists.

  • Training activities primarily focus on experiential components, supported by didactic material, to facilitate learning in the provision of clinical services to students, outreach and consultation with University community members, utilization of research and scholarly material to support evidenced-based practice, and provision of supervision.
  • Trainees further develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to support professional functioning in the areas of ethics, cultural and individual difference, use of supervision, inter-professional and interdisciplinary clinical consultation, communication/interpersonal skills, and overall professional values and attitudes.
  • Our individual psychotherapy training focuses upon the application of contemporary attachment and emotion informed brief therapy models, and group therapy is predominately informed by process and psycho-educational models of treatment.
  • As members of multidisciplinary treatment teams, interns benefit from the opportunity to hone clinical skills in a collegial atmosphere that recognizes the complexity of human experience and values multiple clinical perspectives.

The psychiatry resident elective provides a structured training experience to residents from UVA's Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences to foster the development of core clinical skills, including the provision of psychotherapy and medication evaluation and management to university students.