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PLEASE NOTE: Fall undergraduate courses will begin on Tuesday, August 25. Information and FAQs are available on the Return to Grounds website and the Fall 2020 Student Resource website, which will be updated frequently.

All events on Grounds are cancelled until at least August 15.

UVA Collegiate Recovery Program

orange split V with recovery spelled out in blue
The UVA Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) works to ensure that students, faculty, staff, and alumni do not have to choose between their recovery and a world-class academic, employee, and alumni experience.

UVA is working toward a recovery-ready Grounds, a place where both our members and Recovery Allies:

  • Are comfortable asking for help
  • Intervene with empathy when someone is struggling with alcohol or other drug use
  • Are knowledgable about UVA-specific resources
  • Respect recovery by offering encouragement and celebrating success

UVA’s CRP accomplishes this through a variety of evidence-informed initiatives, including a confidential support and social group called Hoos in Recovery (HiR), accessibility support inside and outside of the classroom, a recovery-focused seminar, and community Recovery Ally training.

“It was important for me to meet like-minded peers as I accomplished my lifelong dream of graduating from UVA. The group provided support, friendship, and leadership experience that helped me build a solid foundation for years to come. I value the refreshingly authentic camaraderie and I am grateful to have this during my undergraduate years.” - Anonymous Student, Class of 2020

If you have any questions about recovery support at UVA, or would like to talk one-on-one with a confidential resource, please contact our Recovery Support Coordinator Jen Cervi at or (434) 243-6407.