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Finding Meaning and Purpose

Spiritual well-being is the ability to establish meaning and find purpose in our lives through the fusion of art, nature, and/or a sense of connection beyond the self. It can benefit our overall well-being to cultivate both our sense of inner understanding and our sense of place. Spiritual well-being can help our mental health by getting to know ourselves and cultivating motivation, peace, and a sense of self-worth.

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"Although it's different for everyone, my definition of spirituality encompasses feeling connected to other people and finding purpose in my daily life." - A.Z.

Focus on Your Inner Self
Introspection is something that can help well-being greatly by learning about yourself and settling conflicts within yourself before working with others.

  • Take a walk. Whether this be in nature, in a museum, or around your favorite building on Grounds, you can find a connection to yourself, someone, or something else. Try out grounding techniques or meditate on a question or issue of importance in your life. 
  • Set aside time for yourself. Take a few minutes out of your day or week to think, pray, or reflect on how you are feeling in the moment or in the day. What are you grateful for today? What went well? What have you or can you do for yourself today?

Join with Others in the Community
Personal connections can be a meaningful part of spirituality, and can help support you in maintaining a healthy sense of purpose and self-worth.

  • Look for a student organization. Joining with fellow students to practice religion or spirituality together may be a great way to keep up your practices.  
  • Find support. Having someone who can help guide you or walk with you through your spirituality will make it seem less daunting and give you someone to look to when you have questions.

Look at the Bigger Picture
​​​​​​​Sometimes it is important to look at life as a big picture in order to focus on goals, hone in on where you’re going, and understand that you are a part of something bigger than just what is on your mind today. 

  • Try the Thankfulness Challenge. Each evening, think of or write down three things that you are thankful for that played a role during your day.
  • Look for places to engage and give. Giving, whether it be a service or good, can be incredibly beneficial to both the recipient and the giver.