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Support UVA Student Health and Wellness

Every day, the Department of Student Health and Wellness (SHW) works to ensure and support the overall well-being of University of Virginia students.

Our department includes Counseling and Psychological ServicesMedical Services, the Office of Health Promotion, the Student Disability Access Center, Student Health Office of Research Excellence, the Gordie Center, the Fried Center for the Advancement of Potential, and Care and Support Services. Our Student Health and Wellness building opened in the fall of 2021 with the goal of being:

  • a revolutionary student center actively promoting and educating about well-being; and
  • an integrated and inclusive space to deliver our core prevention, medical, emotional, and disability services.


Philanthropic support makes both our mission and our new building possible, and for that we are extraordinarily grateful. Student Health and Wellness is caring for our students now and planning for the future—and a crucial part of that work is providing leadership to the UVA and Charlottesville communities during a public health crisis like COVID-19. Our services were adapted and available to our students virtually, and the flexibility and swift response needed to address the pandemic cannot be underscored. Our passion is for our students. Our eyes are on the future. Join us. Below, learn how your gift can make an impact across different areas within Student Health and Wellness.



Mental Health

The Department of Student Health and Wellness (SHW) is home to the primary student mental health care services on Grounds. Our teams are committed to providing a safe and affirming environment for all students seeking to improve their mental and emotional well-being. By following a multidisciplinary approach to care we ensure comprehensive, high-quality, collaborative support for our students. Providers from Medical Services, Health Promotion, and Disability Services, all work in collaboration with our Counseling and Psychiatric team to ensure wrap around services for students seeking mental health care. Your gift to mental health care at SHW will amplify the impact of care students receive. 



Well-being is an ongoing, dynamic process of personal growth. The Department of Student Health and Wellness (SHW) delivers programs and is home to facilities that encourage students to be well, feel well, and live well. By leveraging our multidisciplinary approach to care, SHW ensures comprehensive, high-quality, collaborative support for students. Providers from across all units within SHW work collaboratively to create space for students looking to navigate their journey to learn more about well-being. Your gift to well-being initiatives will strengthen the student experience for those choosing to engage in well-being.


Substance Use/Misuse

The Department of Student Health and Wellness (SHW) recognizes the significant impact that substance use can have on student. We offer a wide range of opportunities and options for students to explore the decisions they make around alcohol, tobacco, and other substance use. Our Substance Use Disorder Consultation and Treatment Team is made up of providers from Medical Services, Health Promotion, Disability Services, and Counseling & Psychological Services to ensure we’re working collaboratively to deliver holistic care and support for students navigating assessment and treatment for substance use concerns and recovery maintenance, including co-occurring issues. We also offer a recovery program, and on Grounds housing for students in recovery. Your gift to substance abuse care at SHW will expand on the important work our team does in support of students with substance abuse needs.



The Student Health Office of Research Excellence (SHORE) facilitates the exploration of scientific study pertaining to the student population with the goal to improve student health and well-being. The SHORE team in the Department of Student Health and Wellness assists with enrolling student research participants who are representative of our collegiate populations with the utmost respect for each individual and assuring research projects are managed in full compliance with regulations and guidance. Our inclusive mission facilitates student participation in quality research with the goal of benefiting the student population, higher education, and society as a whole. Your gift will ensure research within the Department of Student Health and Wellness will continue though the work at SHORE.







An infographic detailing the well-being, research, multi-disciplinary, and education components of Student Health and Wellness.