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Transportation Accommodations 

Requesting Transportation Accommodations

Please note that requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and a request for a specific accommodation does not guarantee that the accommodation will be granted. 

For new SDAC Applications

The student should complete the SDAC Student Application to request accommodations and submit documentation. Please do not delay meeting with SDAC out of concern for not having the right paperwork. Documentation needs can be discussed during the student's intake meeting.

For students with existing SDAC Accommodations

If a student is already connected with SDAC, please reach out to the existing SDAC Advisor or [email protected] to start the process of requesting transportation accommodations. Students will be required to submit documentation of their disabling condition.

General Information on Access to Grounds

Accessibility Maps

The University of Virginia is dedicated to accessibility for those who are on-Grounds.

Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT)

UVA students can also utilize the Charlottesville Area Transit system for free with their student ID. There are multiple maps of the different routes on this system, as well as an online trip planner tool.

University Transit Service (UTS)

University Transit Service (UTS) is a fare-free transit service providing safe, reliable, efficient, and friendly transit service to UVA students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Download the TransLoc app or use TransLoc online to find the nearest bus stop, track your bus in real-time, see arrival time estimates, and receive service impact notifications. The "Finding Your Route" page can help students find the right route from different parking and on Grounds Housing locations.

Transportation Accommodations


Demand and Response Transportation (DART)

Demand and Response Transportation (DART) is a Yellow Cab service paid by the University for students with disabilities who are unable to use the University Transit Service (UTS) or Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT), both of which are also free for students to use.

DART operates whenever UTS academic routes are in service. Services may be limited during breaks, exams, etc., so it is important to check the UTS service schedule. Rides can be scheduled, recurring (such as for class), or on-demand; rides can sometimes take ~45 min if using this option, so students should plan accordingly. Please read through the DART Rider's Guide to ensure understanding of this service. Students should check the DART map since rides must be within the catchment area. Students fill out Part I of the DART application and return it to their SDAC Advisor, who will fill out Part II and submit it to DART on the student’s behalf if approved. 

DMV-Issued Disability Placards

Please see Parking & Transportation’s Services for People with Disabilities webpage. Please refer to the DMV website for parking placards for temporary or permanent disabilities. 

UVA Temporary ADA Permit

Temporary ADA permits are designed to assist with a temporary medical need and in general, may be issued for up to 60 days. The student must provide current documentation of the medical condition. Documentation should stipulate how long the permit is needed. If a student is approved for a temporary ADA permit, students must be registered within Parking & Transportation’s system by holding an active UVA parking pass. The temporary UVA-only permit can only be used in designated ADA spaces and is for on-Grounds use only. In other words, it cannot be used in the community (e.g., grocery shopping). Please note that these spots are very limited and are on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I hurt myself and want to use a scooter. Will SDAC pay for it?

SDAC does not purchase scooters or other personal devices for students. Students are responsible for purchase of any personal mobility device. All Blessings Flow is a local faith-based nonprofit that provides ​medical equipment and supplies to adults and children in need ​throughout Charlottesville. Students might be able to work with this unaffiliated organization to arrange the use of wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

I need to park on Grounds due to limited mobility. Will SDAC pay for my parking permit?

SDAC does not purchase parking permits or rent vehicles for students. Students are responsible for purchase of any parking permit required to utilize a UVA Temporary ADA Permit.