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Allergy Clinic

Welcome to the Student Health & Wellness Allergy Clinic

Please review the two steps below before your first appointments with the Allergy Clinic.


1. Current Allergist must review and complete the following two forms:

Allergy Immunotherapy Order Form & Guidelines for Vial Labeling Form

  • Students will experience a delay in treatment if forms are not completed and vials are not labeled correctly.
  • If you have never received an allergy injection, you must receive your first dose from your current allergist. 

Allergy Vials may be sent to the allergy clinic by these three methods:

  • Students can bring allergy vials along with the order form to their first Allergy Clearance Appointment.
  • Vials and the allergy immunotherapy order form may also be delivered through FedEx, next day services (Monday-Friday) to UVA Student Health and Wellness Attn: Allergy Clinic 550 Brandon Ave. Charlottesville, VA 22908-0706.
  • Vials may be dropped off by students on weekdays. between 8:30am-4pm by scheduling an Allergy Vial Drop Off appointment by calling 434-982-3915.

Please note we do not ship vials home or to prescribing doctor's offices. Students will need to pick up vials before breaks/end of semester.

2. Schedule an Allergy Clearance appointment by calling 434-982-3915

  • An allergy clinic nurse will review completed orders and ensure vial labeling accuracy during the clearance appointment. 
  • Students will not receive an injection at this appointment. 


Allergy Clinic hours are Tuesday-Friday, 8:30am-4pm. Call 434-982-3915 to schedule an appointment.