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Functional Exercise

Functional Exercise at Student Health and Wellness

The Fried Center for the Advancement of Potential (FCAP) at Student Health and Wellness provides students with access to custom exercise programs for the purpose of improving health. Using holistic full-body exercise, we aim to improve the body's mechanics through stability and strength.

FCAP offers university students individualized, one-on-one fitness plans tailored to meet their unique health and wellness goals. Our exercise programs prioritize the enhancement of natural biomechanics, fostering improved exercise tolerance post-injury and promoting lifelong wellness. Our 3,000 sq ft gym, fully equipped with cutting edge functional exercise equipment, cardio machines, dedicated treatment space, and a suspension track extending over 50-feet of turf, ensures a state-of-the-art on-site training experience at SHW. Our team is led by licensed physical therapists.  Clients will also be served by FCAP students interns and medical fitness support staff who are trained and supervised by the professional staff.

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Getting Started

We’re located on the third floor of the SHW building, just off the lobby. Check in at the FCAP reception desk when you arrive. Please dress in athletic wear for exercise sessions. You only need to bring yourself and a water bottle, we have all the equipment you need at FCAP. First visits typically consist of a thorough structural and functional evaluation and a conversation regarding your goals. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation in HealthyHoos.

Follow up appointments will consist of full-body workout programs that follow progressive resistance training exercise principles and are tailored to meet your specific needs.

The Fried Center is open:

  • Monday 9-5
  • Tuesday 12-7
  • Wednesday 9-6
  • Thursday 9-7
  • Friday 11-3

If you are entering the Student Health and Wellness building outside of business hours, you will need your student ID to swipe into the building.

The Fried Center has modified hours for the summer

10am-5pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (with some exceptions)

We are CLOSED June 3rd-17th

Appointment slots will open at least 2 weeks in advance

Email Liz Wombacher ([email protected]) with any questions!

We Serve

  • Students with and without disabilities 
  • Students who need guidance with progressive resistance training
  • Students seeking exercise intervention as a means to address mental health related concerns 
  • Club or recreational sports athletes who do not have access to medically-based fitness programming or resources 
  • Students seeking injury-prevention and rehabilitation programs to enhance functional longevity


We've been busy! If you're unable to find the appointment you're looking for in HealthyHoos email Keila Strick for more information.


  • How can I get started?
    • If you're unsure if functional exercise can benefit you, or feel like you need more information before committing, schedule a free 15 minute consultation in HealthyHoos.
  • What is the charge per visit?
    • The charge per session is $30.  Charges will be placed on your SIS account. This covers 1 hour of one-on-one high-quality exercise training.
  • Can I bill my insurance for the visit?
    • No
  • Do you have to be an athlete to schedule an appointment?
    • No
  • Who is the program for?
    • Any student who can benefit from exercise for the purpose of well-being, injury prevention, chronic injury, education, or just needs a place to start. In other words, this program can benefit most of our students!
The SHW building was designed to feature natural light whenever possible.
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Job Opportunities

UVA students on a Pre-Health track are eligible for job opportunities at FCAP. Students must be enrolled in KINE 3617. The program prioritizes 3rd and 4th year students who have taken or will soon take anatomy and/or biomechanics. We prefer that students can commit 1 year of time to ensure that the 6-month training process is worth it! The training process includes three components:

  • Completion of prerequisite course Service Learning in Medical Fitness
  • Interview and resume submission
  • One-on-one mentorship and shadowing senior medical fitness trainers

Upon completion of training, students begin to lead treatment and exercise sessions.

Email [email protected] for more information.