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Insurance: Key Deadlines

There are two health insurance verification periods during an academic year. The first takes places before the fall semester begins and the second takes plan before the spring semester begins. You are only required to complete the requirement process once during an academic year, but you will need to complete it during every academic year you are enrolled at UVA. Questions? Visit the Insurance FAQs webpage or email

Important Dates for Fall Semester 2022

Date Required Action

July 20, 2022

Aetna's online health insurance site opens to incoming fall semester students who need to enroll or submit health insurance verification. This step-by-step tutorial details how to submit proof of health insurance on the UVA Aetna website, and this video also walks you through the online process. Please note: If you enrolled in the Aetna student health plan as a UVA student in the fall, you are unable to waive out of the Aetna student health plan midway during the academic year.
August 1, 2022 Coverage begins for students new to the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan. 2022/23 premium: $3,309
August 31, 2022 Deadline by which a student must take action to enroll or waive during Insurance Verification period.
September 7, 2022 Deadline by which a student can appeal the decision if their waiver is denied.
September 30, 2022 UVA will post the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan annual premium ($3,309) to the SIS accounts of students who enrolled, failed to enroll or waive the Aetna student health plan, or whose health plans were determined not to provide comparable coverage.
October 31, 2022 Deadline by which students must pay the annual premium for the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan.
July 31, 2023 Date that coverage ends for students enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan.
Why does UVA require students to have health insurance?

UVA implemented the health insurance verification program for these important reasons:

  1. To reduce the health risk of its student population by ensuring reliable access to health care services. To insulate students from devastating medical charges.
  2. Because unforeseen medical situations can and do arise over the course of an academic career, UVA requires students who are charged the full comprehensive fee with tuition to also carry adequate health insurance.
  3. To ensure compliance with University policy.
What does the requirement entail?

Under the health insurance verification program, UVA requires students charged the full comprehensive fee to:

  • Carry health insurance that meets specific coverage requirements (i.e., comparable coverage); and provide proof of this insurance on an annual basis.
  • If proof of comparable coverage is not submitted (whether a student fails to submit any documentation or because a student’s health plan is determined not to provide adequate comparable coverage), the student will be responsible for the full cost for single coverage under the University-endorsed Aetna Student Health Plan.
What is comparable coverage?

In order to be considered comparable coverage, both domestic and international student’s health plan must meet the following specific requirements for 2022-2023:

  • The plan provides in-patient care and outpatient care coverage (including visits for behavioral health) within a 75-mile radius of the Charlottesville area. Coverage for emergency-only care (out of state medicaid) does NOT satisfy this requirement.
  • The plan provides unlimited medical benefits per sickness or injury. Insurance that fails to cover or limits coverage for pre-existing conditions is NOT acceptable.
  • The plan is provided by a company licensed to do business in the U.S. with (a) a U.S. claims office, (b) a U.S. phone number, (c) plan literature available in English, and (d) benefits provided in accordance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The following programs do NOT qualify as comparable coverage: Travel insurance & Reimbursement programs of any kind.
  • The plan provides in-patient treatment and outpatient treatment coverage for substance abuse (both alcohol and drug abuse) within a 75-mile radius of the Charlottesville area. Coverage for emergency-only care (out of state medicaid) does not satisfy this requirement.
  • My coverage will remain in effect for all semesters in which I am enrolled for the 2022-2023 academic year.
  • I will be held financially responsible for payment of all charges not covered by my health insurance plan.
How do I submit proof of my current health insurance coverage?

To get started, visit the Aetna Student Health Plan "Enroll/Waive" webpage.