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Evaluation for ADHD/LD

If you suspect you may have an undiagnosed condition that is impacting your learning, such as ADHD, Learning Disorder, etc., our psychologists can meet with you to help you decide whether you should seek an evaluation. Please note – we do not offer evaluations through SDAC. If you are interested in seeking an evaluation (you do not need to meet with us first), use the resources below.  

If you would like to meet with an SDAC psychologists to determine which option is best for you, fill out an SDAC application and indicate that you would like to schedule an ADHD consult. Please note SDAC ADHD consults are not diagnostic; the intention is to provide guidance on seeking outside testing.  

Evaluation Options for ADHD

Psychoeducational Evaluation:

In this type of evaluation, you will meet with a clinician, and they gather a rich academic, developmental, and social history and perform cognitive testing to determine if a diagnosis of ADHD or a learning disorder (depending on your presenting concerns) is appropriate or if there are other issues that may be contributing to learning difficulties. This is a very comprehensive evaluation, as such, it is costly in terms of time and money. Typically, these range from $1,200-3,000. Some insurances will cover part of the evaluation, it is recommended to check with your insurance in advance. Preauthorization (pre-approval) may be required from your insurance. Many providers in the area do not accept insurance, so it may be worthwhile to explore options outside of the area. Of note, if you plan to go to graduate school or take national standardized tests, most require this type of testing to seek accommodations. Below are some local providers who offer psychoeducational evaluations.   


UVA Providers
  • The Shelia C. Johnson Center for Clinical Psychology Services: This center primarily administers LD/ADHD evaluations and emotional assessment. They accept some insurances, like: Aetna, Anthem, HealthKeepers, Medicare, Tricare, and Optum. They offer limited coverage with: MHNet, Medicaid– Optima Family Care. Evaluations cost ~$2500 without insurance. Be sure to tell them that you are a UVA student who was referred from SDAC.
  • The Mary D. Ainsworth Psychological Clinic: This clinic primarily administers LD/ADHD evaluations and emotional assessment. There is no cost to students, but openings are very limited. Evaluations are only offered at certain times of the year, and results may take several months to receive. Please note that because this is a training clinic, this is not an appropriate resource for individuals seeking accommodations for the Bar exam, an entrance exam such as the MCAT, GRE, GMAT, etc., a licensure exam, or something similar.
  • The Neurocognitive Assessment Laboratory (NCAL): This clinic primarily administers neuropsychological testing related to head trauma, medical conditions, and psychological disorders. There is NO ADHD/LD testing. Some insurances are accepted. 
Community Providers


If the psychoeducational evaluation is cost-prohibitive, another option is to see a psychiatrist for an ADHD evaluation. The psychiatrist would meet with you and get your history, but they do not perform cognitive testing. Psychiatrists can prescribe medication when appropriate. The cost of this is what it would cost through your insurance to see a specialist. You will need to make sure that the provider is in-network with your insurance prior to scheduling an appointment. If the psychiatrist is not in-network, ask your insurance whether your plan includes out-of-network benefits which can provide partial reimbursement. 

UVA Psychiatrists
  • Northridge Outpatient Psychiatric Services: For individuals 18 and older for medication management. The UVA Health System offers an ‘on demand’ free shuttle service to the Northridge Medical Park – you must call 434 982-1600 to schedule transportation (when you call select option #2) – The shuttle leaves the University Hospital on the hour and arrives at Northridge Medical Park at twenty minutes after the hour, departures from Northridge are also on the hour. Accepts UVA Aetna Student Health insurance. 
  • UVA Child & Family Psychiatry Clinic: For services within the UVA Health System, this is the only option for students under 18. There is no public transportation.
Community Psychiatrists

Financial Resources

To discuss financial resources with our office, please fill out an SDAC application. Please note that some practitioners offer sliding-scale fees or payment plans. When you call to ask about scheduling for an evaluation, you can ask about these options.  


Steps for Seeking Assessment:  


  1. Call your insurance company and ask for your benefits. This PDF is helpful for using your health insurance
  2. If you are seeking a psychoeducational evaluation, ask if they cover ADHD/LD testing (depending on clinician, possible CPT codes include: 96130, 96131, or 96132 for psychological testing, 90791 for clinical interview, 96133 for psychologist's time; 96136/96137 for neuropsychological testing with clinician; 96138/96139 neuropsychological testing with psychometrician).  
  3. Ask the insurance company what you need to do first (for example: get preapproval, get a referral from a primary care physician). 
  4. Ask if the providers you are considering are in-network, or request a list of in-network providers from the insurance company. 
  5. Call the provider you have chosen and schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that wait times may be several months.