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Financial Resources

Financial Resources at UVA

To discuss financial resources with our office, please fill out an SDAC application and indicate you would like to have a consultation with one of our advisors. Please note that we do not directly manage these resources though SDAC.

Accommodations Access Fund

The Accommodations Access Fund (AAF) is a fund for students who need financial assistance for medical appointments and medications related to accessing SDAC accommodations. Our fund aims to deal with learning disabilities, mental health support, chronic illness and other areas of consultation. There is an application form For more information, please contact the AAF Director via [email protected].

Aetna Insurance Support Fund

The Aetna Insurance Support Fund offers grants to cover the cost of the Aetna insurance plan and provides retroactive loan relief for students who have taken out loans to pay for the Aetna Student Health Plan. They primarily serve students who have non-transferable out-of-state medicaid and therefore are required to purchase Aetna insurance. For more information or questions contac [email protected].

Emergency Loan from SFS

The Emergency Loan is a short-term, interest-free loan available to undergraduate students for up to $500 and graduate students for up to $750 per semester. The loan is due on the last day of the month after it is taken out (e.g. a loan taken out any day in February will be due March 31). As long as it is paid on time, there is no fee or interest. If it is paid late, there is a one-time late fee of $10. 

Hoo Needs Help

This is a general resource page for students who may be experiencing emergency needs to provide a bridge through a difficult time. It includes information about many of the other resources listed here.

Next Steps Fund for UVA Students

CAPS and UVA Student Council recognize the importance of finding an affordable therapist and being able to have ongoing access to treatment. In paying for your first six sessions with a community therapist, The Next Steps Fund is intended to help reduce your initial financial burden. After the six initial visits, the student will pay for ongoing sessions independently or through their health insurance plan.

Working with Your Insurance:  

Please note that some practitioners offer sliding-scale fees or payment plans. When you call to ask about scheduling for an evaluation, you can ask about these options. 

  1. Call your insurance company and ask for your benefits. This PDF is helpful for using your health insurance
  2. If you are seeking a psychoeducational evaluation, ask if they cover ADHD/LD testing (depending on clinician, possible CPT codes include: 96130, 96131, or 96132 for psychological testing, 90791 for clinical interview, 96133 for psychologist's time; 96136/96137 for neuropsychological testing with clinician; 96138/96139 neuropsychological testing with psychometrician).  
  3. Ask the insurance company what you need to do first (for example: get preapproval, get a referral from a primary care physician). 
  4. Ask if the providers you are considering are in-network, or request a list of in-network providers from the insurance company. 
  5. Call the provider you have chosen and schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that wait times may be several months.