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Many resources exist at the University of Virginia as well as in our local community in Charlottesville. Please feel free to ask an SDAC advisor about anything listed!

Resources on Grounds

Advising in Each School

Advising works a little bit differently in each school, but all undergraduate students have access to advisors who can help them plan classes and choose majors. Every student has an assigned academic advisor, listed on SIS. Each school also has a central office that students can turn to for information about course scheduling, academic requirements, and many other issues related to academic planning and scheduling.


Students in the College of Arts and Sciences: Association Deans provide broad academic support; they can advise on academic matters, help think broadly about long-term plans, and connect students with the appropriate support services at the University.

College of Arts and Sciences - Christy Rotman

As the College Life Skills Coach, Christy is here to support students in anything related to your academics and making the most of your time here at UVA. There are workshops offered on topics like time management and study strategies; she also works with students one-on-one to hear their story, goals, dreams, challenges, and frustrations. Potential discussion topics include time management, procrastination, study strategies, habits, transitioning to UVA, goal setting, assertiveness, social support, making connections on Grounds, exploring majors or careers, motivation and more. 

Care and Support Services (CASS)

Care and Support Services (CASS) at Student Health and Wellness provides free inclusive support for all students with unmet needs to increase students’ ability to identify, reduce, and navigate barriers to their growth and well-being. They do this by providing direct student services and programming, and by creating and expanding support infrastructures.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS is the primary student mental health clinic on Grounds. They are committed to providing a safe and affirming environment for all students seeking to improve their mental and emotional well-being. In addition to direct care, they provide consultation and referral services for students, faculty, and staff. Students are welcome to contact them about emergency or ongoing concerns.

Hoos Focused

This is a drop-in group with the goal of supporting students who struggle with concentration, organization, and/or focus. This group is open to both undergraduate and graduate students from all UVA schools and co-led by Dr. Elaine Bailey (SDAC) and Christy Rotman. Consider joining them consistently or just drop in on weeks you are available. 

Peer-Led Learning (P2L)

P2L sessions are facilitated by undergraduate Peer Coaches who have successfully completed the course in a previous semester and have been trained in leading group study sessions. Peer coaches meet regularly with course faculty to decide what material to cover in sessions.  P2L sessions are not lectures. Instead, students work together on activities designed to provide additional practice. 

Peer Academic Coaching (PAC)

Peer Academic Coaching (PAC) consists of one-on-one academic coaching and strategy building for gateway STEM courses. Students are paired with peer coaches who have successfully navigated the course and who are trained in helping others to build and implement study strategies for STEM courses. 

Event Accessibility

Event Planning

Planning considerations for in-person and virtual events. There are multiple checklists that can help you while planning an accessible event.

Graduation Accessibility

Services are provided for persons with disabilities and/or limited mobility during Finals Weekend.