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Unwanted Sexual Encounter

Come to Student Health and Wellness. It's safe and confidential. Visit CAPS or Medical Services, or talk to a confidential employee in any of our units⁠—we can help you, and the choices are yours.

SHW is a supportive, safe, and confidential place for female, male, transgender, gender-diverse, and non-binary students. We can address any physical, mental, and/or emotional concerns that you may have due to an unwanted sexual encounter.

Here is a PDF of resources available to students who have experienced an unwanted sexual encounter or sexual assault.

Whether the encounter(s) occurred recently or long ago, we can provide you a range of services. The type of care we provide will depend on when the encounter(s) occurred: navigate the options on the left hand side to learn more about options available to you at SHW.

Cav Care

The University of Virginia is committed to ending sexual violence and providing care, support, and resources to those who experience it. For more information on education & prevention, help & support, policies & processes, investigation procedures, and UVA's Just Report It portal visit the Cav Care website.