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Support for Students and our UVA Community

UVA Student Health and Wellness recognizes the impact of political unrest, conflict, and trauma on individuals and our community. Our focus remains on supporting the health and well-being of all UVA students. Below is a list of supportive resources that may be helpful in processing and coping with difficult emotions.


Programs for Students

Tuesday, May 14th

Trauma Support Group

This is a safe space to learn about what defines trauma, ways in which trauma affects your nervous system, your core beliefs about yourself and the world around you, and your overall mental and physical health.  Also learn about ways to tap into natural healing mechanisms for survival, coping and resiliency.

  • Location: Counseling and Psychological Services, SHW 4th Floor
  • Time: 12-1PM

Students are not required to register for this group. Just visit the CAPS waiting room, and a CAPS provider will guide you to the group room when you arrive.

Ongoing Resources for Students

Counseling and Psychological Services
  • 24/7 on-call crisis help
  • 1:1 appointments
  • support group counseling
  • embedded counselors
Care and Support Services

Care and Support Services (CASS) is available to all students free of charge, to assist with identifying and connecting with additional support or resources at UVA or in the Charlottesville community.  If you would like to speak or meet with a CASS team member, please reach out to our office at 434-924-7133 or [email protected], or just stop by our office on the second floor of Peabody Hall. 

  • 24/7 on-demand access to TalkNow
  • 1:1 telehealth counseling, speak with a counselor by video or phone
  • Self-Care Journeys 
    • 3 Strategies for Stressful Situations
    • Grounding Techniques You Can Use Anywhere!
    • 5 Anxiety Relief Tips
    • Observing Snowballing Reactions
    • Meditation For Social Worries
    • Hopeful Future Meditation

WahooWell consists of a confidential well-being survey and two or more confidential, one-on-one follow-up meetings with a well-being facilitator. In your meetings, you will have the opportunity to be heard, encouraged, and validated in a way that motivates you to accomplish personally meaningful goals. 


PDF Resources

More Resources at SHW

Art Making For Grounding

Grounding is a powerful technique that can help those of us who have experienced trauma and also for the experience of overwhelm. When we feel ourselves getting lost in worry, painful feelings or memories, we can use grounding skills to bring ourselves back to the present moment. By remaining in the present moment, we can continue to stay connected with ourselves and have access to our wise mind/inner knowing.

A great way to practice grounding is by doing an activity that distracts us and engages our senses.

Mandala Making in Nature

For this activity you will need no materials other than those in nature.

Find a place in nature that you enjoy – this might be your back yard, a local park, a hiking trail or right outside your front door. If you live in an urban area, find a spot that brings you peace or relaxation when you are there. When you arrive look around and see what you notice. Are there colors that stand out? Smells? Textures? Pay attention to this place that you enjoy.

Now begin to look around for natural materials to make a mandala.

Collect materials that look interesting to you. Maybe you see some leaves you feel drawn to or wild flowers, twigs. As you collect things notice what you like about them.

Once you have all your materials collected, bring them all to a flat area where you can arrange them. Spend time arranging your materials into a circular shape (usually referred to as a mandala). See if you can create a pattern with your materials that repeats.

This activity can be a rich experience in groups too. If you have a few people, consider making a group mandala from natural materials.