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Next Steps Fund

photo of the UVA rotunda, Hoos in Recovery text floats over itNext Steps Fund for UVA Students

CAPS recognizes the importance of finding an affordable therapist and being able to have ongoing access to treatment. The Next Steps Fund provides payment for a student's first two sessions with a community therapist, and is designed to help reduce any initial financial burden. After the two initial visits, the student will pay for ongoing sessions independently.

Students are referred to the Next Steps Fund at the discretion of a CAPS clinician or care manager. In order to access funding, students need to verify that their chosen provider is willing to participate*. After verification:

  1. A CAPS Care manager will provide students with an invoice form and review the form items to be completed together with a chosen therapist in the community. This therapist must be an accepted vendor with our Next Steps fund. This form helps outline expected and projected costs, based on your insurance or payment agreement with the therapist.
  2. The therapist would bill the Next Steps Fund the allotted amount, as normal, based on their insurance plan agreement. This fund pays for the student’s portion of the bill for up to 2 visits, including copayment costs.
  3. The student is responsible for emailing or sending in the completed invoice form to CAPS Care Manager Karen Painter. Once received, CAPS will process the invoices so that the provider is paid.

For printable and digitally accessible PDFS about the Next Steps Fund: General Overview  |  For Students  |  For Providers


The Next Steps Fund was created by UVA Darden School of Business alumnus Devin Underhill, who wanted to help others take their next steps toward mental health recovery. Devin spent the summer of 2016 hiking the Appalachian Trail and raising money to start a fund that aims to break barriers, to improve access, and reduce stigma surrounding mental health and therapy. Visit Devin’s website to learn more or to make a donation.

*Community providers must become registered as a vendor with the UVA Fund by sending/emailing a copy of their W9 to Karen Painter, LPC, Clinical Care Manager. Providers are asked to file claims with insurance and bill the student as they normally would. Students must submit their initial two therapy bills to CAPS in order to get funded. Once the bill is received by CAPS, the student’s portion of the bill will be paid directly to the provider from the UVA fund for up to two initial visits. Student information is kept confidential and only CAPS and the community therapist have access to the student’s name.