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3/18/2023- Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) will be open from 12pm to 3pm today for drop-in sessions. Please bring your student ID to swipe into the building.


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Student Charges: FAQs

Are there charges for services at Student Health and Wellness?

Student Health and Wellness provides care for all UVA students charged the comprehensive fees with their tuition. There is no charge for visits with care providers as they have been pre-paid with tuition as mandatory fees. However, there are charges for medications, lab tests, supplies for certain treatments, immunizations and allergy injections, and copies of your medical record.

Once my bill has been charged to my student account, how can I pay?

You can view and pay your bill online through UVAPay. Follow this link for more information about UVAPay and the student account.

How can I be reimbursed by my insurance provider?

Students can print a “walkout statement” for services that Student Health and Wellness charges for by using the HealthyHoos patient portal. Reimbursements for applicable charges depend on your plan’s benefits. Contact your insurance company directly for more information. As a patient, it is your responsibility to know and understand your insurance plan benefits. Any pre-authorization, deductibles, co-insurance, or co-payment amounts prior to any visit are also your responsibility. Not all services are covered in all insurance contracts. If your insurance plan does not cover a service or procedure, you are responsible for payment of these charges. 

Is the University of Virginia a participating provider with my insurance plan?

UVA Health (separate from UVA Student Health and Wellness) does participate in many plans, including Virginia Medicaid, Tri-care, BCBS, etc. Charges billed by UVA Health (see price sheet) will be submitted to insurance if the student submits this insurance information at the time of service.  It is important that students bring insurance information (copy of card) to every appointment at UVA Student Health and Wellness.

Why has my graduation and/or registration been blocked due to an unpaid Student Health and Wellness charge?

If your charge is not paid by the due date, your SIS account will be blocked until you have paid the amount per Student Financial Services requirements.

Do students enrolled in Summer Session have to pay a fee to obtain access to Student Health and Wellness services?

Just as you pay fees along with tuition in the fall and spring, Summer Session students pre-pay for use of Student Health and Wellness services with their tuition. If you are NOT enrolled in Summer Session, continuing students may receive services by paying a summer fee per clinic per day. This summer fee is usually $10.00 per appointment.

Can I still go to Student Health and Wellness for my health care needs after I graduate?

No. Students who have graduated are not eligible for Student Health and Wellness services unless they go on to pursue graduate studies at UVA. Students should plan to complete their care at SHW no later than one week after graduation. Students can speak with their SHW provider to obtain a referral elsewhere for care or treatment if they are not continuing to study at UVA.

Can my medical claim be filed to Virginia Medicaid/Tricare/Kaiser?

The Laboratory and Pharmacy located in the Student Health and Wellness building are satellites of UVA Health and therefore will file prescription and lab charges to Virginia Medicaid/Tricare/Kaiser. However, Student Health and Wellness does not accept nor file Virginia Medicaid/Tricare/Kaiser claims for charges billed by Student Health and Wellness (see price sheet). These charges will be placed on your SIS account.

Will I be charged if I do not show up for my appointment?

Yes. If you have an appointment with:

  • Medical Services and/or Health Promotion (nutrition, WahooWell) and we do not see or hear from you at least one hour before your scheduled appointment time, your student account will be charged the $25 late fee.
  • CAPS, students must cancel their appointment by 8 AM the day of their scheduled appointment to avoid a no show charge of $25.

For questions regarding lab charges, please contact Patient Financial Services (PFS) at (434) 243-1930. For questions regarding charges other than labs, contact Student Health and Wellness Billing at (434) 243-2794. To access your walkout statement, login the HealthyHoos patient portal using Netbadge.