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The University requires all students to have health insurance. All UVA students, both domestic and international, who pay the comprehensive fee with their tuition must meet the health insurance hard waiver requirements.

Students are not required to enroll in the Aetna Student Health plan. However, the University encourages students and their families to compare their existing plan to the Aetna Student Health plan. In some cases, students and their families find that the Aetna Student Health plan costs less and provides more comprehensive coverage than their current health plan.

Compare Plans
In addition to being more economical for some families, the Aetna Student Health plan also covers situations unique to students. STUDENTS: If any of these situations apply to you, then Aetna Student Health may prove to be a better choice for you:

  • You may decide to take a summer job or internship in another state.
  • Your residence is far enough from Charlottesville that traveling home for medical care would be difficult.
  • Your current plan includes high deductibles, copayments, or co-insurance.

Key Dates

Date Required Action
November 19, 2018 Online site opens to students to enroll or waive.
January 1, 2019 Coverage begins for students enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan.
February 8, 2019 Deadline by which students must enroll or waive coverage.
February 15, 2019 Deadline by which a student can appeal the decision if their waiver is denied.
February 26, 2019 UVa will post the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan annual premium of $1,752 to the SIS accounts of students who enrolled, failed to submit adequate documentation, or whose health plans were determined not to provide comparable coverage.
March 31, 2019 Deadline by which students must pay the annual premium for the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan.
August 14, 2019 Date that coverage ends for students enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan.

Health Insurance Marketplace

While open enrollment for the 2019 Health Insurance Marketplace ran from November 1 to December 15, 2018 to start coverage on January 1, 2019, those who qualify for a Special Enrollment Period can still enroll.  Visit the Health Insurance Marketplace for important dates and deadlines.

In addition to coverage options through the Health Insurance Marketplace, a new option is available this year to low-income students through Virginia Medicaid.

Virginia Medicaid Coverage for Low-Income Students

Due to recent changes in Medicaid health coverage rules, low-income students may be eligible for a new health coverage option that offers comprehensive healthcare services at low or no cost.

  • Under the new guidelines, a single adult making at or below $16,750 annually may be eligible.  Visit to learn more about other criteria and see if you qualify.
  • Enrollment for Medicaid coverage continues year-round.
  • Coverage will begin immediately.

Learn More
For information on the Aetna Student Health plan, please see the UVA page on the Aetna Student Health website or call Aetna Student Health at 1-800-466-3027.