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What to Expect

Nutrition care is tailored to each individual; we partner with you to offer guidance while you retain ownership of your own goals.

Initial appointments with a dietitian last for 1 hour. This assessment will include a review of your health history, eating and activity patterns, and lifestyle factors relevant to your nutrition-related goals.  We will then work together to determine next steps to address your needs. This may involve:

  • Exploring information - using evidence based nutritional science, sorting myths vs facts
  • Building skills - budgeting, planning, preparing, and selecting nutritionally sound meals & snacks
  • Examining beliefs - identifying choices consistent with your values, exploring your relationship with food  
  • Developing behavioral strategies - creating actionable plans, determining effective practices

Follow up appointments last 25 minutes. These sessions are focused on attending to the supports and barriers you face in striving to achieve your nutrition-related goals.

Peer Health Educators offer a single, 1-hour nutrition education session. For further nutrition counseling, the PHE may refer you to a dietitian as appropriate.