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Travel Medicine


Student Health and Wellness Travel Medicine is pleased to provide comprehensive pre-travel counseling and education, with your safety and well-being in mind, for academic-related as well as personal travel.

The Travel Medicine team is led by physicians with a  Certificate in Travel Health ® and staffed by physicians and nurse practitioners.

Pre-travel counseling appointments should be made for the following reasons:

  1. Personalized risk assessment, vaccinations, and/or prescriptions for your itinerary
    • Prescriptions for flight anxiety or for jet lag can not be provided at travel appointments.
  2. Physical exam/form completion for a study abroad program
  3. Letter of good health for visa application
  4. Medical students/advanced level nursing students participating in a clinical rotation abroad with possible blood/body fluid exposure
    • Service Trips: If you are not a medical or nursing student, it is recommended that you not be involved in procedures with possible blood and body fluid exposure.


Reserve 1-2 hours for your in-person appointment, and schedule at least 6-8 weeks before your travel to ensure you have time to receive vaccines. Travel services are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. We cannot accommodate same day appointments.

Making a Travel Medicine Appointment

Complete the required online Travel Education Module and "Travel Questionnaire" prior to making an appointment

  • To complete the "Travel Questionnaire," log onto the HealthyHoos patient portal.  Click "Forms" and find the travel questionnaire.
  • Medical students/advanced level nursing students participating in clinical rotations abroad also need to complete the PEP for Clinical Rotations Abroad Module prior to making an appointment. 
    • Language immersion programs, shadowing medical personnel, taking vital signs, and medical chart reviews do not constitute a significant exposure risk (Do not need to do PEP module).
  • Students with a Physical Exam Form must:
    • Complete your portion of the form prior to your appointment.
    • Upload the form on the HealthyHoos patient portal. Click "Uploads". In the "Choose document" dropdown box, choose "Travel Physical."
    • You must bring the original form to your appointment.
    • Peace Corps physicals require a Travel Clinic visit and separate physical appointment with your provider.

Travel Medicine Team




Once you have completed the Travel Module and Questionnaire, call Medical Services to schedule your in person appointment. 

  • Travel Medicine appointments are only available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Please schedule with us as early as possible in your travel-planning process, at least 6-8 weeks before your departure. 


Student Health and Wellness (SHW) professional services are included with tuition as mandatory fees. For more information on our charges, and no-show policy visit this website.

Travel Health Resources

A well-informed traveler is a safer traveler! We have curated various links, one-pagers, and digital resources for you to review below before or during your travels.

General Travel Resources about Health/Safety and Study Abroad
How to Access Health Care While Abroad

International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers


UVA-Related Travel Resources

The University of Virginia Policy on Student International Travel requires students who travel outside the U.S. for University-related purposes to enroll in the UVA international health and emergency assistance insurance plan through CISI. See here for more information.

  • Traveling for university-related purposes may include but is not limited to study, research, internships, service, conferences, presentations, teaching, performances, recruiting, or athletic competitions.
  • University-related purposes include any travel that is for academic credit and/or utilizes University resources.
  • UVA requires all students who engage in travel abroad for university-related purposes to register with the International Studies Office. Registration instructions are available here. Students enrolled in an education abroad program satisfy the registration requirement through their program application.
  • Signing up for a Student Health and Wellness Travel Clinic appointment is NOT the same as registering your travel with the International Studies Office.
UVA Aetna Student Health Plan: Insurance for Travel
Air Pollution Abroad
LGBTQ+ Travel Resources
  • ILGA: Click "Resources" on the main navigation bar, contains maps about sexual orientation laws and other resources
  • Equaldex: A collaborative LGBTQ+ knowledge base
  • LGBTQ+ Travel Information from the State Department
    • For additional information on the state department website, find the country you plan on visiting under Country Information and then go to “Local Laws and Special Circumstances” for specific LGBTQ+ information.
Food Allergies Abroad


If you have questions or concerns regarding Travel Medicine, please contact:

Mark Keeley, MD

Certificate in Travel Health ®

Assistant Director for Travel Services

Phone: 434-982-3915