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COVID-19 Travel Essentials

PLEASE NOTE: Testing for travel (RT-PCR or antigen) is NOT available at the Department of Student Health and Wellness.

  • Saliva testing at UVA is a laboratory-processed PCR test and is acceptable for travel. Check BeSafe for testing times and days. 
  • BeSafe and testing in the community may be closed on weekends and around holidays. Don't wait until the last minute to get tested!
  • Testing on Monday - Thursday is preferable to ensure results are back in time. Consider this when booking your tickets.
  • UVA Be Safe saliva testing done on a Friday will likely not have results ready for travel by late Sunday or Monday.
  • Avoid booking your tickets for a late Sunday or Monday departure.
  • Here are some tips for providing an adequate sample that won't be rejected. Don't forget your University ID!
  • Negative saliva test results will be released 24 hours a day when they are available; download your results from the HealthyHoos patient portal
  • Forms for COVID-19 tests will NOT be completed outside of business hours or over the weekend.

UVA Student Health and Wellness Travel Clinic Resources

General Travel Resources about Health/Safety and Study Abroad

Accessing Health Care Abroad

University-Related Travel

  • The University of Virginia Policy on Student International Travel requires students who travel outside the U.S. for University-related purposes to enroll in the UVA international health and emergency assistance insurance plan through CISI. See here for more information.
  • Traveling for university-related purposes may include but is not limited to study, research, internships, service, conferences, presentations, teaching, performances, recruiting, or athletic competitions. University-related purposes include any travel that is for academic credit and/or utilizes University resources.
  • UVA requires all students who engage in travel abroad for university-related purposes to register with the International Studies Office. Registration instructions are available here.
  • Signing up for a Student Health and Wellness Travel Clinic appointment is NOT the same as registering your travel with the International Studies Office.

UVA Aetna Student Health Insurance for Travel

Air Pollution Abroad

LGBTQ+ Travel

  • ILGA: under resources contains maps about sexual orientation laws and other resources
  • Equaldex: a collaborative LGBTQ+ knowledge base
  • LGBTQ+ Travel Information from the State Department
  • For additional information on the state department website, find the country you plan on visiting under Country Information and then go to “Local Laws and Special Circumstances” for specific LGBTQ+ information.

Food Allergies Abroad