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Teaching Kitchen: FAQs

Who can take a cooking class?

The Teaching Kitchen is for all UVA students, undergraduate and graduate!

Can I reserve the Teaching Kitchen?

Although the Teaching Kitchen is not available for rent or reservation, you can request a class and our staff will work with you to select a menu and deliver a cooking class for your group. 

What kind of food is prepared in the Teaching Kitchen?

Check out our Class Calendar to see which upcoming menu items are scheduled.

Do class participants get to cook for themselves?

Yes, all of our classes are hands-on. Staff will demonstrate techniques and provide supervision and coaching as participants practice improving their cooking skills.

Who teaches the cooking classes?

Teaching Kitchen classes could be taught by peers, dietetic interns, registered dietitians, professional chefs, and/or special guests. 

Do I need to bring anything with me for a cooking class?

Everything is provided in the Teaching Kitchen. You only need to bring yourself! If you'd like to take home leftovers, please bring a food storage container.

Do we get to eat what we make?

Yes! Sharing the food we’ve prepared together is a key part of each class. We also invite participants to bring their own to-go containers to take home any leftovers.  

How much does a cooking class cost?

To help cover the cost of groceries and supplies, there are nominal fees for cooking classes. We strive to keep costs low for students, pricing our Individual Sign-Up classes at $6 per person. Cooking Classes for student groups are $6 per person. Our Food Security Fund ensures access for all UVA students, regardless of ability to pay. University-sponsored classes are offered for a flat fee of $200 and can be paid via PTAO.

What if I have a food allergy or intolerance?

We strive to honor dietary needs and preferences by hosting a variety of class menus and by offering ingredient substitutions where feasible. Click on menu titles on our Class Calendar for menu description, including food ingredients. Notes regarding common allergens, gluten, vegetarian, and/or vegan will be indicated. Not every menu can be adapted to meet every need, therefore, we encourage you to select classes with menus most well-matched to your dietary requirements and preferences. Please contact our team directly with your specific questions or requests.  

How are you mitigating COVID-19 risks?

We follow University guidelines related to masking and distancing, as outlined here.

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