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Brede, MS, RD, CEDRD

Melanie Brede, MS, RD, CEDRD

Picture of Melanie Brede

Melanie is a registered dietitian in the Office of Health Promotion. She came to UVA in 2006 after working in a similar capacity at the University of Florida. UF is also her alma mater, where she earned undergraduate degrees in psychology and dietetics and a master’s degree in health education. She is also a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietician. Melanie follows the Health At Every Size philosophy in her nutrition counseling and outreach efforts at UVA. She enjoys working with students on a variety of nutrition and health related topics, including eating disorders, sports nutrition, and general health & wellness. Melanie enjoys hiking with her dog, swimming, soccer, and all the sights and seasons in Charlottesville.