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To schedule an initial appointment with a dietitian, call 434-924-1509 or stop by the Office of Health Promotion on the ground floor of Student Health. No referral is necessary.

  • Once you schedule your initial appointment, you will need to log into Healthy Hoos and complete the "Nutrition Questionnaire".
  • We also request that you bring a completed Food Log form to your appointment.

After your initial appointment, you are eligible to schedule 25-minute follow-up appointments. You can schedule follow ups in person, by calling 434-924-1509, or on Healthy Hoos (select the appointments tab, then clinic: “Nutrition Services…”, reason: “Nutrition Follow-up Visit”). Be sure to schedule with the same dietitian you saw for your initial appointment.

In an effort to ensure adequate and appropriate nutrition counseling for all who seek it, there is a 12 session limit for nutrition services with a dietitian. Students who would benefit from a longer duration or more intensive course of nutrition counseling may be referred to another registered dietitian in the community. Exceptions to this policy may be made in extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis. The dietitian will work with each person individually to determine the appropriate plan of care. If you have questions, please call 434-924-1509.

To schedule a nutrition education session with a PHE, you may schedule online through Healthy Hoos  (select the appointments tab, then clinic: “Nutrition Services OR Peer Health Education…”, reason: “Peer Health: Nutrition”) or call the Office of Health Promotion at 434-924-1509.