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Pre-Entrance Health Form

Prior to your enrollment at UVA, Student Health and Wellness needs information about your health status. You and your health care provider must complete and sign the pre-entrance health form. Submit your form by uploading a digital version to our HealthyHoos Patient Portal.

  • It is important that you complete the pre-entrance health form accurately and upload it by August 1, 2021. If your form is not received by the due date, you will be subject to a late fee of $100. This late fee will be placed on your SIS account on August 2, 2021.
  • Once data from the form has been entered into your medical record, Student Health and Wellness offers a secure website where you may view immunization data in case you are contacted about any deficiencies.

Pre-Entrance Health Form FAQs

Medical and Nursing Students

All Other Students

Waiver Forms

If you have any questions, contact Medical Records.