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Winter Break Update

The UVA Pharmacy in SHW will be closing temporarily on November 25, 2020, and will remained closed for the duration of Winter Break. SHW patients can utilize the UVA Outpatient Pharmacy at 1240 Lee Street (434-924-2390) or they may call the UVA Specialty Pharmacy at 434-297-5500 and arrange to have their prescriptions mailed to their home. Please note, the UVA Bookstore Pharmacy will be closed during Winter Break. 

Telephone: 434-924-1544
Fax:  434-243-0182
Online portal for prescription refills and transfers

The pharmacy located in our building is a satellite pharmacy of UVA Health, however you may choose to fill your prescriptions at any pharmacy of your choice.

The pharmacy provides medication dispensing for prescriptions prescribed by University and your Community Health Care practitioners. The pharmacist provides drug therapy review, patient education, drug information, and counseling for prescription and over-the-counter-medications in a private counseling area. The pharmacy has a selection of over-the-counter medications and health care products in the Atrium Apothecary. We process most drug insurance plans. Credit cards, checks, and cash may be used for medication purchases. Families may also establish a secure credit card-based account for their student.

How to have your prescription filled:

New prescriptions

  • Present written prescription to pharmacy OR
  • Doctor’s office may fax or call in a new prescription

Refill Prescriptions

  • A prescription that has been filled at our pharmacy and has refills can be prepared before you come in.


  • Call 434-924-1544 and press 1 to use the automated refill line or press 2 to speak to a pharmacy member or to leave a message. OR
  • Refill your prescription online

If possible, please allow 24 hours for prescription processing OR

  • Come in person – there will be a short wait

If no refills remain, call your doctor’s office to request a new prescription. OR We can contact your doctor’s office.
If possible, please allow 48 hours

Transfer Prescriptions

  • If a prescription has been filled at another pharmacy and has refills we can call them to have the refills transferred.


  • Visit the UVA Health prescription refill online portal and select Transfer Prescriptions. OR
  • Call 434-924-1544 and press 2 to speak to a pharmacy member or to leave a message.
    If possible, please allow 48 hours.

Insurance may reduce the cost of your prescription. If you want to use your insurance, please bring your prescription insurance information. We do not have access to your pre-entrance health forms.

Click here for a searchable list of over-the-counter medications available at Student Health and Wellness.