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PERK Exams

A Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK) exam, or forensic exam, is available at SHW during business hours and based on Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE nurse) availability. (If after hours, this exam can occur at the UVA Health Emergency Department.)

  • The purpose of a PERK exam is to (1) assess the student for injuries that need treatment, (2) provide medical care (including medications to prevent infections and pregnancy), and (3) document and collect evidence of sexual contact or physical trauma (including injuries on the body and genitals), trace evidence, and identifiable DNA from the perpetrator of a sexual assault.
  • When there is suspicion or concern that a victim may have been incapacitated by drugs or alcohol during a sexual assault, the PERK exam may include the collection of urine and/or blood samples for toxicology testing.
  • A PERK exam should be completed immediately; up to 120 hours after an assault in most cases. The exam is conducted in a confidential health care setting.
  • You may elect to have the exam performed and decide later whether you want to report the assault to the police and/or to the University. That decision is entirely yours to make.
  • Evidence recovered from a PERK exam can be used to support a subsequent University or criminal complaint; however, having a PERK exam performed does not mean you must report the encounter to police or to the University.