Kacey Wilson, Ed.M
Kacey Headshot
Doctoral Intern
Counseling and Psychological Services

Kacey is Doctoral Intern in Health Service Psychology at UVA CAPS. Born and raised in Colorado, nature is Kacey’s playground and creative toolbox for cultivating transformational group experiences and healing the nervous system. Since studying Prevention Science and Developmental Counseling at Harvard over a decade ago, Kacey has taught and counseled adolescents and young adults across the U.S., Brazil, and India. With a background in Yoga and Ayurvedic Health Counseling, Kacey joined the United World College of India for three years as the Head of Mindfulness, Well-Being and Psychological Counseling. Kacey has returned to the U.S. to pursue Doctoral studies in Clinical and School Psychology at James Madison University. Her current passion and research focuses on suicide prevention and healing developmental trauma, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and the evolving impact of globalization. She stands for the cultivation of a rich ecology of being and belonging that supports diversity and balance, both within and without, for the sake of accompanying one another towards peace, social justice, wholeness, and sustainability.


550 Brandon Avenue Charlottesville, VA 22908