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Peer Health Educators


Who We Are

Positive | Inclusive | Empowering

The Peer Health Educators (PHEs) are a diverse group of 70 UVA students trained to empower their peers to practice holistic health and well-being in a positive, supportive, interactive, and nonjudgmental manner.

Comprehensive training prepares the PHEs to facilitate dynamic outreach programs; to guide confidential patient education sessions; to plan and implement evidence-informed awareness events; and to promote a healthy and inclusive culture at UVA. 


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What We Do

Programming and Grounds-wide events for your dorm, classroom, Greek, or student organization along with one-on-one health consultations. Click on the links below for more information.

  • Outreach Presentations
  • Patient Education 
  • Wahoo Weekender
  • 4th Year 5K
  • Hoos Prepared & Hoos Hosting (alcohol education campaigns and workshops)
  • Mental Wellness Screening Day (in collaboration with CAPS) 
  • Celebrate Every Body Week
  • Various awareness and educational campaigns 
  • Would you like to collaborate on a wellness event? Contact 

Wahoo Weekender

What are Hoo's doing this weekend?
The Peer Health Educators distribute a weekly e-mail that highlights substance-free weekend activities. 

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