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Patient Education Sessions

The easy way to ask the hard questions. Peer Health Educators (PHEs) provide casual, non-judgmental spaces and empower students (ie, YOU) with health information you can trust in a confidential, one-on-one environment. If you want to talk to someone about health questions and concerns, talk to a PHE today! Schedule a session online using the HealthyHoos patient portal (login using your Netbadge ID information.) Once you're logged in, select "Appointment" and then "Office of Health Promotion." Choose "Peer Health: XX (Telehealth)."

Topics covered during Spring 2021 include Thrive (Mental Health & Covid-19) and Nutrition. 

>> Thrive includes a virtual walkthrough of

What people have to say about past PHE Patient Education Sessions Offerings

"It made me feel more comfortable talking to a peer about birth control. I liked the way the information was presented."
"Glad I was able to learn more about this before graduating and going into the real world."
"Very informative, a good chance to clear up any questions that one might feel too rushed to ask during an exam."
"Thank you so much for putting this program in place.  I really feel taken care of :)"

Benefits to the University

  • Helps students learn how to prioritize self-care and mental wellness for themselves
  • Empowers students to actively participate in decisions about their health care
  • Provides patients with up-to-date, relevant health information and prevention messages