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Medical Withdrawal and Reenrollment

Before returning to UVA after a medical withdrawal, you must complete the Request to Re-Enroll following Withdrawal from the University Form with a licensed health care provider. Please carefully review the form's instructions. Missing or inadequate information may delay your request.

Students must submit the appropriate documentation (described above) by the appropriate deadline:

  • For reenrollment in the Fall semester, students must submit the form no later than July 1st. 
  • For reenrollment for J-Term, students must submit the form no later than December 15.
  • For reenrollment in the Spring semester, students must submit the form no later than December 1st.

You are encouraged to review the Withdrawal and Reenrollment Checklist and speak with your Dean regarding deadlines for your program to ensure you are academically eligible before submitting these forms. 

Please allow 10 business days for Student Health and Wellness (SHW) to review your request. If you do not have a licensed health care provider to complete your request, SHW Care Managers can assist you with identifying and connecting with appropriate providers. Care Managers can be reached in Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) by calling (434) 243-5150 or in Medical Services by calling (434) 982-3915.

Instructions for Form Submission

Upload your completed Request to Re-Enroll following Withdrawal from the University Form to the HealthyHoos Patient Portal.

  • If you are unable to submit via Healthy Hoos, you may fax the request form and any accompanying documentation to Student Health and Wellness Medical Records at (434) 982-4262, Attn: Reenrollment Request.

After uploading or faxing your request, we recommend you monitor your UVA email and HealthyHoos secure messages for follow-up communications.

  • You will be contacted by a SHW team member if there are any questions about your request.
  • You, your Association Dean, and the Office of the Dean of Students will be notified via email once a recommendation has been made in response to your request.