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Eating Disorder Care

UVA Student Health and Wellness is committed to caring for students with eating issues and body image concerns. 

Eating issues and body image concerns involve complex emotional and physiological issues, and a multidisciplinary treatment model provides the most effective care for students struggling with these issues. Eating Disorders can have serious immediate and long-lasting health consequences, and the sooner someone addresses their eating disorder, the better their chance of recovery. Medical Services offers medical assessment and support to students struggling with eating concerns. Our medical providers work closely with other treatment team members (therapists, nutritionists, and others) both within Student Health and Wellness and in the community to provide the wholistic care needed to support students in their recovery. 

Initial Visit

An initial medical evaluation with a member of our team consists of a physical examination and interview. The interview includes a detailed review of medical history, eating disorder treatment history, eating and exercise behaviors, and physical symptoms. Labs and other diagnostic tests may be ordered and could include assessments for anemia, electrolyte abnormalities, vitamin D level, thyroid function, heart function, and bone density.

Continued Care

After completing your initial visit at Student Health, your treatment plan may look a variety of ways. After reviewing the results of an initial assessment, the Medical Services provider will consider a plan for treatment that may include consultation with other specialists within Student Health and Wellness.  Individual treatment needs vary greatly from basic suggestions for changes in diet and eating habits to a need for greater support often with regular medical, nutrition and psychotherapy follow-up.  Sometimes the support needed for recovery is greater than can be provided in an out-patient setting, and a referral to higher levels of treatment will be recommended.  

To schedule an initial visit, call Medical Services at (434) 982-3915 and request a “medical evaluation for eating concerns."

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