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Location and Parking

the back of the Student Health and Wellness building

The Department of Student Health and Wellness is located in the Student Health and Wellness Building on 550 Brandon Ave. Before an appointment at SHW, review this PDF to get a sense of where we are in relation to other buildings on Grounds.

Parking, Walking, Biking, and Bus Information:

    • Our patient parking garage is underground and the patient garage entrance (P1) can be accessed via Monroe Lane, which loops around the back of the SHW building (see photo). You can turn onto Monroe Ln from Jefferson Park Avenue, or you can continue straight on Brandon Ave and turn onto Monroe Lane where Brandon Ave u-turns in front of Bond House.

      • Please do NOT park in the Monroe apartments' parking garage. This parking garage is reserved for Monroe residents only and towing is strictly enforced.
      • P1 parking is for students with appointments or business in the building and registered visitors only. P2 parking is for staff/faculty with B3 permits only. 
      • Once you park in the P1 parking garage, you will need to register your car via your license plate number. There are signs in the elevators with QR codes you can scan and use to register, or you can visit
    • Walking Times: 
      • From the Rotunda: ~ 13 minutes
      • From OHill Dining Hall: ~ 18 minutes
      • From University Ave/Madison Bowl: ~ 16 minutes
      • From Gooch/Dillard, ~ 20 minutes.
    • Bike parking is available in the sidewalk space between 428 Brandon Ave (apartment complex) and 550 Brandon Ave.
    • Take the blueline, orange line, or redline bus. Your stop is Jefferson Park Ave @ Brandon Ave. 

    Where To Go For Your Appointment:

    • First Floor: Pharmacy, Student Disability Access Center, Office of Health Promotion (includes WahooWell, Nutrition, Collegiate Recovery Program), Teaching Kitchen, Gordie Center
    • Second Floor: Medical Services (includes primary care, gender-affirming care, gynecology, COVID-19 testing), Laboratory, Insurance and Billing office
    • Third Floor: UVA Kinesiology 
    • Fourth Floor: Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)