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Care at Student Health for LGBTQ+ Students

Student Health is committed to removing barriers to care for LGBTQ+ patients.  We encourage LBGTQ+ students to access our services for acute and chronic illnesses, preventative services, nutrition services, substance misuse counseling, disability services, STI screening, and any other wellbeing and healthcare needs. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule an appointment at Student Health?

Information about hours and appointments at Student Health can be found here.  Students interested in transgender healthcare can choose that appointment option when scheduling in General Medicine. 

How can I indicate my name, gender, or pronouns on Student Health forms?

Students can schedule appointments and then send a Secure Message through the HealthyHoos patient portal to the provider they will see, asking the provider to change gender or pronouns prior to their visit. Students can also ask providers to change names, gender, or pronouns while at the visit. 

What care is Student Health providing?

We see students for all types of medical and psychological concerns, both preventive and sick, providing referrals as needed – please do not hesitate to come see us!  Information about transgender healthcare-related questions can be found here (link).

All medical providers provide care following an unwanted sexual encounter.  In addition, a certified SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) nurse practitioner also works at Student Health, providing examinations for sexual assault evidence collection for all students, regardless of gender.  These exams can take place even if a student is undecided about whether to pursue legal action. 

In addition, we offer pre-exposure HIV prophylaxis (PrEP). 

What are the guidelines for health screenings?

Student Health follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines which state that all young adults should receive STI screening, skin cancer screening, blood pressure screening, depression screening, oral health screening, and tobacco use screening annually, and diabetes and heart disease screening as needed.  Young adults should also receive counseling on healthy diets and physical activity.

What care do we offer to people approaching graduation?

The clinicians at Student Health can help refer you to inclusive community providers or organizations.  Students who have graduated can visit Student Health up to one week after graduation.

Thoughts about safety.

LGBTQ+ students can be at higher risk for abuse or assault.  Use the buddy system when going out, recognize how alcohol may be impacting you and/or others, and trust your instincts which may be telling you to leave a situation. 

What is Student Health's goal in terms of offering inclusive services and care?

We would like all LGBTQ+ students to feel like they have a home at Student Health.  Please let us know what we can do to improve our services.  While it is often best to speak directly to your provider about any issues you may be having regarding your care, you can also email us.  We welcome all comments and concerns, and we also love to here kudos, too!