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International Travel Clinic

plane on a tarmacWelcome to the UVA Student Health and Wellness Travel Clinic!

We are pleased to offer students up-to-date and personalized travel-related medical care. We are staffed by a team of professionals dedicated to your health and safety while learning, exploring, and visiting abroad. The Travel Clinic is coordinated by Dr. Anjali Silva, Certified in Travel Medicine.

The travel clinic is a service for all students who need travel-related counseling, immunizations or prescriptions, regardless of whether the trip is for academic or personal reasons. Travel clinic is ideal for all destinations, especially if you have any medical issues.  Students who have Aetna Student Health Plan will especially benefit from an appointment, as all vaccines given at Student Health and Wellness will be covered.

Health recommendations change frequently for travel to specific areas. To ensure that all students receive the appropriate medical care, a travel clinic appointment is required for any student requesting travel-related prescriptions or immunizations, even if the student has previously had travel counseling at Student Health and Wellness or with an outside medical provider. Prescriptions for flight anxiety or jet lag will NOT be provided at travel clinic appointments.

All appointments for travel should be scheduled as early as possible in the travel-planning process. This ensures ample time for appointment scheduling and, more importantly, for travel vaccines to take effect prior to departure. Please reserve enough time on the day of your appointment for counseling and immunizations. Travel clinic appointment times are less readily available at the last minute.

Travel clinic appointments for counseling and for physicals are offered at specific times with specific providers during the week. There is no guarantee that a visit can be accommodated outside of these specific reserved times. For travel clinic reservations that are NOT made during specific travel clinic reservation times with specific providers, a charge of $40 will apply. Students will be informed if there is a $40 charge when making their appointment. This charge will not be covered by Aetna Student Health Plan. Same day appointments are not available.

There is no guarantee that a vaccine will be available on the day of your appointment.


If you are not traveling now, but are interested in monitoring safety conditions for specific destination(s) overseas, sign up to receive Travel Advisory updates at under Staying at Home?

The following is from the CDC Travel FAQ page (4/28/20):

CDC recommends that travelers avoid all nonessential international travel because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some health care systems are overwhelmed and there may be limited access to adequate medical care in affected areas. Many countries are implementing travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines, closing borders, and prohibiting non-citizens from entry with little advance notice. Airlines have cancelled many international flights and in-country travel may be unpredictable. If you choose to travel internationally, your travel plans may be disrupted, and you may have to remain outside the United States for an indefinite length of time.

Currently, all international travelers arriving into the US should stay home for 14 days after their arrival. At home, they are expected to monitor their health and practice social distancing. To protect the health of others, these travelers should not to go to work or school for 14 days.


The University Policy on Student International Travel requires all students who engage in travel abroad for University-related purposes to register with the International Studies Office. Registration instructions are available here. Signing up for a Student Health and Wellness Travel Clinic appointment is NOT the same as registering your travel with the International Studies Office.


Student Health and Wellness will not have the Yellow Fever Vaccine available until further notice. Sanofi Pasteur has received permission from the FDA to provide the European Yellow Fever Vaccine called Stamaril to a limited number of clinics. Travelers and health care providers will be able to find locations that can administer Stamaril by visiting the yellow fever vaccination clinic search pageUVA Student Health and Wellness Travel Clinic is NOT a provider of Stamaril.

Appointments for Pre-Travel Counseling

Pre-travel appointments can be made for the following:

  • Travel counseling, vaccinations, and/or prescriptions (regardless whether you have had a previous travel clinic appointment)

    • Prescriptions for flight anxiety or for jet lag will NOT be provided at travel appointments

  • Physical exam/form completion for a study abroad program (see required instructions below)

  • Letter of good health for visa application; ask for a travel physical when you call and fill out your travel questionnaire

  • Medical students/advanced level nursing students doing a clinical rotations abroad with possible blood/body fluid exposure

    • Language immersion programs, shadowing medical personnel, taking vital signs, and medical chart reviews do not constitute a significant exposure risk.

    • Service Trips: If you are not a medical or nursing student, it is recommended that you not be involved in procedures with possible blood and body fluid exposure.

How to make a pre-travel appointment:

  1. Log into Healthy Hoos.  Click "Forms".

  2. Fill out the required Travel Questionnaire, regardless of destination. (This is NOT the same as registering your travel with the International Studies Office.)

  3. All students must complete the required online travel learning module prior to calling for an appointment. You must obtain a score of 10/12 on the quiz to pass. The learning module, launched in August 2018, expires after one year. If it has been more than one year since you have done the module, you are required to complete it again. This module is best viewed on a laptop or desktop.

  4. In addition to the above module, medical students/advanced level nursing students doing clinical rotations abroad (with possible blood and body fluid exposure) also need to complete:

  5. Students with a Physical Exam Form are required to complete the following steps.

    • Complete your portion of the form prior to your appointment.

    • Upload the form on Healthy Hoos. Click "Uploads". In the "Choose document" dropdown box, choose "Travel Physical"

    • You must STILL bring the original form to your appointment.

  6. Call Medical Services at 434-982-3915 to schedule your appointment

Appointments for Post-Travel Illnesses/Concerns:

Post-travel appointments can be made for any travel related concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin lesions/rashes
  • Infectious Disease Screening (TB, schistosomiasis, STIs)

Post-Travel Appointments can be made by calling Medical Services at 434-982-3915.

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns regarding Travel Clinic, please contact:

Anjali Silva MD

Certified in Travel Health
Assistant Director for Travel Services
Phone: 434-982-3915