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Eligibility and Cost


Students who pay the comprehensive health fee with tuition are eligible to receive care at Student Health at no additional charge.  Consultation about student issues are also provided to university faculty, staff and administrators or parents and other concerned parties.

During summer term, students returning for the fall semester, as well as newly enrolled students, may receive services by paying a per visit fee. These students will pay $10.00 per visit per clinic for services.


Professional services do not incur a charge (e.g., visits with a psychologist, psychiatrist, physician, nutritionist, social worker, etc), but there may be other costs for your visit:

  • Supplies for certain treatments, immunizations and allergy injections, and requested copies of the medical record.
  • The Laboratory located in Student Health is a satellite of the UVA Health System, so if lab tests are needed, lab charges will be billed directly to your insurance by the UVA Health System. Uncovered costs will be billed to you by the UVA Health System.
  • The Pharmacy located in Student Health is also a satellite of the UVA Health System, and costs for prescription medication will be billed directly to your insurance by the pharmacy. Payment for uncovered costs is expected at the time the medication(s) are filled.

Full information regarding Student Health charges, billing, and insurance is available on our website.

No Show Charge:  If you have an appointment in General Medicine, Gynecology, and Health Promotion and we do not see or hear from you at least one hour before your scheduled appointment time your student account will be charged the $25 late fee. In CAPS, students must cancel their appointment by 8 AM the day of their scheduled appointment to avoid a no show charge of $25. If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please call Student Health at 434-924-5362 during normal business hours.