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EDEC: Events and Partners

Upcoming Events

Celebrate Every Body Events

A weight-neutral approach to healthy living for people of all shapes and sizes!

The Jeans Exchange

  • February 21 - 25, 2022: 11am - 1pm at Newcomb, 2nd floor
  • Jeans not fitting? Instead of trying to change your body to fit unattainable image standards, wear what fits to feel comfortable, confident, and celebrate your unique body! Donate your jeans (or any men's, women's, and/or children's clothing in good condition) in exchange for a FREE Celebrate Every Body beanie and help spreading the message of body positivity! Donations go to support the Shelter for Help in Emergency.

Mental Wellness Screening Days

  • February 23 and 24, 2022 (VIRTUAL)
  • Interested in a quick mental health check-up? This is a free, fast, anonymous way to see if a concern might need more attention and to learn how to improve your mental wellness.

Perfect Illusions

WHEN: March 29th, 2022, 7pm
WHAT: Real talk about food and body image, and hope for those struggling

Join the University community for this open-mic style event where audience members have the opportunity to listen and share their own stories and experiences about body image, eating, and exercise concerns in a safe, supportive, and healing environment. Break the silence and help create a body positive community. Bring your experiences, questions, concerns, and passion to share. You CAN make a difference!

Our Partners

IM-Rec Sports


The Department of Intramural-Recreational Sports is an essential part of the University of Virginia’s quality of life outside the classroom.  Our primary emphasis is to support the total development and well-being of members of the University community through educational, intramural, fitness, recreational and social programming in high quality, comprehensive, sports, fitness and physical activity based facilities.  We serve the University community with a wide range of quality opportunities to foster personal, educational, ethical, social and physical development through engaging University students in leadership and participatory opportunities.


Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center at UVA


  • The Body Project at UVA: The Body Project is a prevention program that is group based. It is divided into 2 sessions and provides a forum for female identifying college aged students to confront unrealistic appearance ideals and develop healthy body image and self-esteem. It has been shown to reduce body dissatisfaction and disordered earing. This group is facilitated by The Body Positive team at the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center at UVA throughout the academic year. To schedule or inquire about this offering, please e-mail the Body Positive team.
  • Body Positive Team Offerings: The Body Positive team lives at The Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center at UVA and is led by Aisha Saeed, LCSW, and a group of student interns. The Body Positive team is committed to social justice and intersectionality. The team aims to educate, raise awareness and spread the message of radical self love. We aim to honor and value body diversity, equity and inclusion for every body. The Body Positive team offers presentations related to Body Positivity and intersectionality. We can organize presentations,  facilitated group dialogue and  provide resources for your needs in creative ways to engage UVA students and staff with this very important topic. To learn more about what our team is up to, follow us on Instagram: @uvabodypositive or e-mail us at [email protected].