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Eating Disorders Consultation and Treatment Team

The Eating Disorders Consultation and Treatment (EDCT) Team at Student Health and Wellness provides care and support for students struggling with eating issues, body image, and/or exercise concerns. The team offers consultation, assessment, coordinated outpatient treatment, and assistance in accessing resources such as treatment providers in the community.

Eating issues and body image concerns involve complex emotional and physiological issues, and a multidisciplinary treatment model provides the most effective care for individuals struggling with these issues. Our team approaches eating disorders from a holistic perspective that includes psychological, psychiatric, medical, and nutritional support. 

Getting Started

Medical Evaluation

The initial medical evaluation is approximately one hour and consists of a physical examination and interview regarding medical history, eating disorder treatment history, eating and exercise behaviors, and physical symptoms. Labs and other diagnostic tests may be ordered and could include assessments for anemia, electrolyte abnormalities, vitamin D level, thyroid function, heart function, and bone density.

  • To schedule an appointment for a medical evaluation, call (434) 982-3915 and request a “medical evaluation for eating concerns.”
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

An initial assessment with a CAPS EDCT Team member is approximately 90 minutes and consists of a developmental history, assessment of current symptoms, familial and personal history, as well as psychosocial and biological issues related to current difficulties.

Psychiatric medication evaluations, when deemed appropriate, are scheduled through the student’s psychotherapy or medical provider. An evaluation is up to 90 minutes and includes biopsychosocial assessment and detailed review of medical and psychiatric history.

  • To schedule a CAPS appointment, call (434) 243-5150 and request an “initial assessment with an EDCT Team member.”
Nutritional Evaluation

An initial nutritional evaluation is scheduled for one hour and consists of an interview, assessment of energy needs, review of dietary intake and comparison to dietary guidelines, and collaborative goal setting. See also: Nutrition Services.

To schedule an appointment for a nutritional evaluation, call (434) 924-1509 and request a “nutrition intake with the dietitian."


Next Steps

Each EDCT Team provider assists with treatment referrals across the team to ensure that students are appropriately connected to psychological, medical, and nutritional services. When indicated, referrals may be made for psychiatric and gynecological care, also available at Student Health and Wellness.

  • The EDCT Team meets weekly to develop care plans and recommendations tailored to each individual student’s needs. We understand that at times, eating disorder treatment may be of a longer duration or require a higher level of care than can be provided through our outpatient SHW clinic.
  • We are dedicated to connecting students to the appropriate and most helpful resources to support their needs and can assist in referrals to providers in the local community and beyond.

Our Team


Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) Providers: Deepti Athalye, PhD (Leadership Team Member), Rachel Berry, PhD, Lillian Mezey, MD, Erin Tracy, PhD

Medical Services Providers: Tracy Buni, MD (Leadership Team Member), Andy Hawkins, MD, Katie Shepley, NP

Nutrition providers: Melanie Brede, RDN (Leadership Team Member), Kristen Mach, RDN