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Coping with Quarantine + Isolation

rotunda with students on a clear, sunny day

If you are currently in quarantine or isolation because of COVID-19, we'd like you to know that we are thinking of you and are here to support you. The feelings of stress, loneliness, and/or anxiety that you may be encountering are valid, and very normal. While our teams are here to help, we encourage you to focus on what is within your control. Be intentional about your self-care, and use your support systems. We hope that you will soon feel better, and be back to a more normal routine.

You are not alone. The following well-being resources are available for you to explore and use as feels comfortable during your time in quarantine or isolation:

  • Join UVA Student Engagement's "UVA Students in IQ" Facebook group. Connect with other students in I/Q and join a round of weekly virtual bingo for a chance to win a $10 GrubHub giftcard.
  • The majority of UVA student programming is being held virtually. If you'd like to engage with peers, check out UPC's upcoming events.
  • UVA's Contemplative Sciences Center is offering free, virtual contemplative and Ashtanga yoga classes every week! If you feel comfortable focusing on your physical well-being while in quarantine or isolation, these sessions are a great way to move and stretch.
  • CAPS/CSC Mindfulness Groups will be held every weekday throughout the semester and aim to help students engage in ongoing self-care. No previous experience is required, and all groups are virtual.
  • Together with partners across Grounds, the Contemplative Sciences Center is pleased to invite you to attend the ongoing series Virtual Meditation on the Lawn hosted live every Monday, 7:50am–7:55am ET. Each week a different member of the UVA community leads these five-minute sessions designed to help UVA faculty, staff, students, parents, and friends cultivate mindfulness, compassion, resilience, and a sense of belonging together.
  • Peer Health Educators are offering one-on-one virtual, patient education sessions called "Thrive," with a focus on mental health and COVID-19. Schedule your session by calling (434) 924-1509.
  • SilverCloud is a free, online mental health tool that helps students develop skills for managing stress, anxiety, sleep, and depression. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy principles, the self-guided program can be accessed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is offering virtual groups (including a space dedicated to students in isolation/quarantine), individual counseling, and psychiatric care. If you'd like to sign up or schedule an appointment, call 434-243-5150. CAPS is also offering "Let's Talk" drop-in consultation hours every weekday, first-come-, first-serve.
  • Take some time and review our well-being guides, a collaborative effort by students and staff that includes information and next steps specific to UVA related to various well-being dimensions.
  • A national quarantine/isolation chat service has been established to help people connect while they are in quarantine/isolation.