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Cannabis Resources

  • Do you want to check in about your cannabis use?
  • Are you concerned about your cannabis use?
    • Are you:
      • Spending more and more time getting high?
      • Choosing friends based on their cannabis use?
      • Getting high despite known consequences?
      • Trying to cut down unsuccessfully?
      • Less interested in taking care of responsibilities?
      • Losing interest in personal appearance, hobbies, interests, etc.?

There are UVA, Charlottesville, and national online resources that provide help and support for students who would like to examine or reduce their cannabis use. 

  • WahooWell – Explores stress, sleep, substance use, and strengths holistically through a confidential survey and one-on-one follow up meeting with a well-being facilitator.
  • Recovery and Substance Use Counseling – Individual therapy focused on substance use (as well as co-occurring issues) available within Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) – If you are in recovery or considering recovery from substance use, reach out to the CRP which provides a menu of holistic, tailored support
  • Peer Health Education for clubs/organizations – A cannabis outreach program can be conducted by trained students to empower their peers to practice holistic health and well-being in a positive and supportive manner. 
  • Connecting you to off-Grounds options – Counseling and Psychological Services Care Managers serve as a bridge for students to successfully access health care out in the community.
  • Online Cannabis Self-Assessment
  • If you’re not sure where to start, contact Sean Sembrowich, NP at for more information about our free and confidential substance use services.

If you have an urgent need or are in crisis

If you have an urgent need, or are in crisis and need to talk to someone immediately, please call Student Health and Wellness (during office hours: 434-924-5362; after hours: 434-297-4261) and let them know you have a medical concern or wish to speak with a mental health provider.   For life-threatening emergencies, please call 911.

Some cannabis tools to help support you along the way: