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Allergy Clinic

Fall 2020 Update

As our Medical Services team shifts in order to provide care and services related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Student Health and Wellness will not be offering allergy injection appointments at this time. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes for students and families, and appreciate your understanding. For students planning to return to Charlottesville for the fall semester, we recommend checking if the following, local allergy offices accept their insurance:


The Allergy Clinic at UVA Student Health and Wellness is staffed by nurses trained in the administration of allergy immunotherapy.

  • Students utilizing the Allergy Clinic must review and complete the Student Agreement for Services.
  • While at UVA, you will remain under the care of your current allergist. If you have never received an allergy injection, you must receive your first dose from an allergist. 
  • Please provide your allergist with these two forms to review and complete: Allergy Immunotherapy Order Form and Guidelines for Vial Labeling. These forms must be submitted, reviewed, and approved by Allergy Clinic staff before you receive an injection at the UVA Student Health and Wellness Allergy Clinic. You will experience delay in your treatment if forms are not complete and vials are not labeled correctly.
  • Extract vials may be hand-delivered by the student at an appointment for "Allergy Drop-off/Pick-up" or sent via Fed-Ex, next day services. To make an appointment, call (434) 924-5362 and request an “Allergy Vial Drop-Off/Pick-Up” visit. UVA Student Health and Wellness Allergy Clinic will not mail/forward extracts.
  • Your first appointment will be an Allergy Clearance appointment when an allergy clinic nurse will review your completed orders and vials. Please call Medical Services at (434) 924-5362 to schedule an Allergy Clearance visit, as this type of appointment is not available for online scheduling. You will not receive an injection at this appointment. After this appointment, you may begin scheduling your injection appointments online.
  • If you miss your scheduled appointment, you will need to reschedule. There are no walk-in appointments for Allergy Clinic.
  • If you are prescribed an epinephrine auto injector, you are required to bring it with you to every appointment in order to receive your scheduled allergy injection(s). 
  • In the event epinephrine is administered during a systemic allergic reaction, you will be transported to the UVA Medical Center's Emergency Room via ambulance for further care and observation.
  • In the event the Allergy Clinic staff is involved in an emergent clinical situation with a patient, your allergy injection visit may be canceled without prior notification.