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Allergy Clinic

Welcome to the Student Health Allergy Clinic!

Our staff are happy to work with you while you are here at school to allow you to continue the immunotherapy ordered by your outside Allergist. While here at UVA, you will remain under the care of your Allergist at home. Maintaining this relationship will allow you to be re-evaluated annually, and/or receive guidance if you get off schedule; develop new symptoms, or experience difficulty controlling existing symptoms. Success will require a team effort between you, your Allergist, and our staff.

Prior to coming to UVA

Plan in advance! Give your Allergist’s office time to prepare all required documents and package your vials for transport. Beginning with the Fall 2017 semester, we implemented a consistent set of forms for use with all students in our clinic (these were mailed to the outside offices for all returning students).  They are available below for our new students seeking to continue allergy immunotherapy once at UVA. 

New students should provide a copy of the following documents to your Allergist and ask that they be completed prior to your arrival at UVA.

  • Give a copy of the “Dear Colleague” letter which will provide your Allergist an overview of our clinic requirements.
  • Ask your Allergist to complete the "Hand-off-of-Care" form and forward to us by fax or mail. This form is designed to provide a summary of your therapy to date, guidelines for the labeling of your vials, and shipping instructions.
  • Ask your Allergist to complete the following two forms and then bring them with you to your Student Health Allergy Clearance appointment (see below):

You will not be able to begin receiving your allergy immunotherapy until we have received a complete set of forms.

Upon arriving at UVA

Once we have received the Hand-off-of-Care, you will be able to schedule your “Allergy Clearance” appointment. Please bring the remaining two forms when you drop-off your vials.  The Allergy Clearance is an intake appointment designed to accomplish the following goals:

  • review of all documentation provided by your Allergist to ensure it is complete;
  • review of your past medical history, allergy history, and list of current medications, including those that have been ordered to prevent or treat symptoms triggered by immunotherapy; and 
  • signature of a consent form allowing us to communicate with your Allergist, as well as an agreement outlining clinic safety guidelines.   

We will store your vials while you are in classes; however, you are responsible for transporting them back and forth during breaks. Vials must remain in a constant controlled temperature to maintain the integrity of the serum.   Take care during transport, and please bring your vials to Student Health once arriving on Grounds

Ongoing appointments:

  • Once the Allergy Clearance is complete, you will be able to make all subsequent appointments through Healthy Hoos, the online self-scheduling system.
  • Injections are available Tuesday through Friday by appointment only, with abbreviated services on Monday. We request one day’s notice to allow us to review your chart and communicate with your Allergist’s office if adjustments to your schedule are necessary. Most students find a consistent time that works for them once settling into their class schedule for the semester.
  • Please remember to cancel an appointment if you are unable to attend. Failure to do so will prevent another student from getting their injections. You will be charged for any appointment you fail to keep or cancel.

We look forward to working together to help you achieve your therapeutic goals!


Special Note about the Handling of Your Vials:  Your vials may be hand delivered or shipped to the address listed below. Vials should be shipped to arrive in no more than two days. The allergy nurse should be contacted in advance to ensure Student Health will be open and alert us to be expecting the package.  All packages should be clearly marked: “Refrigerate on Arrival” on the outside of the envelope. 

Returning Students:  Please note that an updated Hand-off-of-Care form is required annually, preferably in the fall, and following a lengthy break in immunotherapy. If you have any further questions, call 434-982-3915 and ask to speak with the allergy nurse.  We look forward to serving you in the upcoming year!


Shipping Address:

University of Virginia Elson Student Health
Department of General Medicine
Attention: Allergy Nurse
400 Brandon Avenue
Charlottesville, VA 22908-0760

Refrigerate on Arrival


PHONE: 434-982-3915
FAX: 434-243-6691