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Having Academic Difficulties?

If you are having academic difficulties, SDAC may be able to assist. Our psychologists are available to meet with students who suspect that they may have an undiagnosed condition which may be impacting their learning, such as a Learning Disability (LD), Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD), a psychological disorder, head trauma, etc. While we do not provide comprehensive diagnostic testing through our department, our psychologists can gather a rich academic history and provide guidance about whether you should undergo testing. 


Our psychologists have identified resources for students interested in further evaluations, especially for those interested in LD or AD/HD testing.

UVA Providers
  • The Center for Clinical Psychology Services is part of the Shelia C. Johnson Center in the Curry School (ground floor of Bavaro Hall). They primarily administer LD/ADHD evaluations, but they can also assess impact of emotional concerns on academic functioning. Evaluations may be partially covered by insurance, depending on specific plans. Average cost of assessment without insurance is $2500. Call 434-924-7034 for information.
  • The Ainsworth Clinic is part of the Department of Psychology (108 Gilmer Hall).  They primarily administer LD/ADHD evaluations and emotional assessment. There is no cost to students, but openings are very limited; call 434-982-4737 for information.
  • The Neurocognitive Assessment Laboratory (NCAL) at UVA Medical Center primarily administers neuropsychological testing related to head trauma, medical conditions, and psychological disorders. There is NO ADHD/LD testing. Some insurances are accepted. Call 434-924-2718 for information.
Community Providers

Steps for Seeking Assessment

  1. Call your insurance company and ask for mental health benefits.  Ask if they cover ADHD/LD testing (depending on clinician, possible CPT codes include: 96101 psychological testing, 90791 clinical interview, 96118 for neuropsychological testing with clinician, 96119 neuropsychological testing with psychometrician). 
  2. If your insurance company covers the testing, ask if the provider you have chosen is on their provider list
  3. Ask the insurance company what you need to do first (for example: get preapproval, get a referral from a primary care physician)
  4. Call the provider you have chosen and schedule an appointment

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in being considered for accommodations, please provide the evaluating clinician with a copy of SDAC's Guidelines for Documentation of a Cognitive Disorder in order to ensure that the evaluation conducted conforms to these standards.