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Welcome from the Executive Director of Student Health and Wellness,
Chris P. Holstege, M.D.

Dear UVA Student,Picture of Dr.Chris P.Holstege

Here at the Department of Student Health and Wellness, we provide you with high quality and confidential health care. We know as a student you will face many challenges and choices and believe that your academic success and participation in extracurricular activities require good health. Our goals are to help you maintain your health through education and prevention and to restore your health when necessary by treatment of illness, injury, or stress. As your partner in wellness, we want to increase your appreciation of the importance of healthful behaviors, assist you in developing self-care skills and learn how to be an effective consumer of health care resources.

Our clinicians are both care providers and teachers. Not only do we regard each patient encounter as an opportunity to affect your health attitudes and behaviors, but we’re also involved in the formal education of undergraduates, medical students, graduate students and medical residents in a variety of specialty areas. The trainees working in our facility are closely supervised by a permanent member of our staff.

Our Office of Health Promotion offers programs on several health issues throughout the Grounds. You can also schedule an individual meeting with one of our staff members or a trained Peer Health Educator.

If you become ill or if you have questions or concerns you would like to discuss with a physician, psychologist, social worker, nurse practitioner, or triage nurse please make an appointment to see one of our care providers. We’ll assist you in recognizing when care or treatment is needed, provide primary care, or help you obtain specialized care if required.

You’re the reason we’re here, and we welcome your use of the resources we offer. We appreciate hearing from you regarding our services and encourage your active involvement with the Student Health Insurance Committee. On behalf of the entire staff, we’d like to contribute to your enjoyment and academic success as a UVA student.

Chris P. Holstege, M.D.
Executive Director

The Department of Student Health and Wellness (SHW) respects, values, and celebrates all ages, abilities, gender identities or expressions, national origins, races, religions, sexes, and sexual orientations. More information can be found here.