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About CAPS

The University of Virginia’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) works to facilitate the emotional, relational, and academic development and success of enrolled students by providing culturally sensitive clinical services, outreach, consultation, and assistance with referrals. In keeping with the mission of Student Health and Wellness and the Division of Student Affairs, CAPS endeavors to make its services accessible to as many students as possible. CAPS is committed to upholding diversity in all of aspects of its work. As such, CAPS strives to create an environment that affirms the inherent value and dignity of all persons. 

CAPS has four essential roles in serving the UVA community: 1) CAPS provides clinical services to eligible students; 2) CAPS offers community outreach and prevention programming; 3) CAPS consults with staff and faculty regarding students with mental health concerns; and 4) CAPS engages is supervision and training of graduate students in psychology and psychiatry.